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I have an amazing giveaway for you to kick off this holiday season! How would you like to get your hands on a $150 gift card to spend on a Christmas Shopping Spree at Hobby Lobby?!  I have already bought so many fun Christmas decorations there this year …and lets not even talk about craft supplies and fabric! ;) It is one of my favorite stores to shop at this time of year!
Because I love ya’ I’ll be giving ONE LUCKY WINNER a $150 BUCKS to spend this holiday season…  and it could be YOU!

How to enter:

Just enter using the rafflecopter below… only one entry is mandatory.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you’re participating in the live Pinterest party enter the “caption contest” below for a chance to win an extra $25 gift card to Amazon, Target, or a Visa gift card.

Christmas caption contest

Leave a comment on THIS post with a creative caption for the photo below. The reader who is able to come up with the BEST caption for this picture… as in the most witty OR the one that makes us laugh the most, will be the WINNER! Please keep comments family friendly.
Caption contest
Just leave your best caption for this photo in the comments below. This contest is only open through tomorrow (Wednesday, December 4th 12:00PM MST) however the Hobby Lobby giveaway will be open until December 10th.
Good luck friends!! xo -jamielyn
Jamielyn Nye is the owner and managing editor of I Heart Nap Time. She aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire. Her unique projects have been featured on many popular websites, including: BHG, Martha Stewart, Fox, ABC, People, Parents and more. When she’s not creating . . . Jamielyn loves to chase her two little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man.

Join in!

401 Responses to “Enter to win $150 Hobby Lobby Shopping spree!”

  1. Jenny Morales

    It’s gotta be a struggle working these long, cold nights. Had to help the fella out!

  2. Jennifer S

    30 seconds after this picture was taken, the coffee spilled, the angry giraffe shorted out, the whole neighborhood went black, and children screamed. She went to her car and acted like nothing had happened, naturally.

  3. Maren

    I have a great idea! Go stand by the light giraffe, hold your drink up to its mouth and make it look like its drinking from your cup. Everyone will love this picture

  4. Erin

    Get a picture of me giving this poor giraffe a drink…. first they wrap him in lights then he has to stand still. What? …. these aren’t REAL animals?! I want my money back!!

  5. Shannon

    Hey cute lady…don’t want to be rude but it’s the watering hole….drinking coffee makes me go crazy and my owners are NOT gonna be happy with you…next time please read the sign before giving me a drink!

  6. Sharon

    You can lead the giraffe to the watering hole, but you can’t make it drink….so I guess I will have to drink this great hot chocolate! Yum!

  7. suz

    Now I know why SHE is smiling… oh yah, this tastes awesome! Two more secs, and I will be smilin like her!!!

  8. Amy

    I always see my facebook friends tagged in pictures where they are feeding or hugging inanimate objects. Here’s my token picture feeding a light-up giraffe. Beat that facebook friends!

  9. Sarah

    Ah! I messed up. oh well. here’s my caption “Wait a second, this isn’t water! What are you trying to do to me lady?!? Make me blow a fuse?”

  10. Jen

    Honey, I asked you to get me a SHORT from Starbucks, not a TALL! Jeez, what would happen if you got me a VENTI???