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Today I’m excited to share with you a “holiday tour” of my home…

I love to decorate these white shelves in my kitchen for the holidays. This year I went with the “Santa” theme. I love the classic colors. You can find a tutorial for the water less snow globes I made last year here.

I made the cute Santa art with Poppyseed’s kit here. He’s so cute! You may also remember my DIY trees (and the failed tree-ha!) from a couple years ago.

There’s Mr. Boe… our cute little Elf on the shelf.

Here is my lovely Christmas tree and no-sew ruffled tree skirt. You can also find the tutorial for the giant poinsettias here.

Here is the simple DIY Christmas wreath I shared yesterday.

Here’s a few more fun Christmas decorations I have up in my home. Ornaments in jars always look so pretty! I also whipped those Christmas pillows up in about 30 minutes with this easy tutorial here.

One of my favorite spots… my nativity display. You can find the pallet art tutorial here.

Finally… my white “winter wonderland” display! I love everything about it!

I’ve been collecting white pieces over the past few years and love how it all came together. For the reindeer art, I simply hot glued ornaments onto a canvas that I found at the Dollar store. Such a simple and CHEAP idea that could be used for any holiday.

Wishing you all a happy holidays!!


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17 Responses to “2012 Christmas decor”

  1. Leigh Anne@YourHomebasedMom

    Everything is beautiful. You have inspired me to finish up my decorating! I got sidelined by husband’s eye surgery and decorating for the church Christmas party and my ornaments are still on the floor!

  2. Kayla Wescoat

    I love it all! Where did you get those awesome white shelves? I’m in the process of re-doing my new office and am looking for something like that for sure!

  3. Mauri

    Your stuff looks amazing!! I think my absolute favorite is all your white wonderland stuff! I love holiday decor. Houses seem so bare when they finally have to come down :(

  4. Sunae

    Oh my gosh – all of your displays are so beautiful. Mum hasn’t even put up out Christmas tree yet! Haha. I guess as your kids gets older the urgency to decorate for Christmas wanes a little?
    I love your white display! There’s something so pure and beautiful about white ornaments :)

  5. stephanie

    All of the pieces in your collection are simply wonderful and a great source of inspiration for me as well. I love the Christmas atmosphere and buying some new Christmas decorations is an inseparable part of it. But to be honest, the idea of making my own decorations never came to my mind because of the lack of time typical of this period. But now I see these wonderful products and I have to say they look even better then the stuff I usually buy at Vancouver Christmas market which is one of the most visited events here in Vancouver every December. Now I can say I will definitely add some handmade decorations to the ones I have collected over the last years.

  6. Jennifer

    I love the gift wrapped in newspaper! Dear hubs hated that I had so much wrapping paper, so I have been using up my stash and am running low. I like my paper to co-ordinate and was using kraft paper to match (and brown paper bags) with green and red. Newspaper will work perfectly to stretch my stash to last until after Christmas clearance sales!!

  7. Trinity B.

    I want this to be my house. Truly, if I were crafty enough to reproduce this look, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Great looking Christmas decor!!!

  8. Jaclyn

    Love these ideas Jaime! I especially love all the white pieces, that’s such a pretty collection. Now I want one =).