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Hi Everyone!!  I have an awesome giveaway for you today! I am helping Carrian over at Oh Sweet Basil celebrate her birthday week.  Instead of receiving gifts this week, she wants to give them! A different giveaway everyday. The giveaway today is for a Blendtec Blender + Twister Jar!



I LOVE my Blendtec and use it almost every day to make smoothies. This green smoothie is a staple at my house!

green smoothies


Enter to win below!

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Hi, it’s me…Coleen! I grew up in northern California. I am the second of four children. I went to college at Chico State where I met and married the love of my life 10 years ago. We have two wonderful, amazing, loving children! I am a bit of a crazy bike rider/barefoot runner! My favorite past time is to go for a run…barefoot! I am passionate about design!! I have been an independent creative consultant for 6 years. Someday I will travel the world and speak 7 different languages. Life is so good!

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301 Responses to “Blendtec Giveaway”

  1. Andrea

    I always wanted to own a blendtec and now is my chance to hopefully win one!! I hear so many amazing reviews about it!! Let’s hope I win!

  2. Andrea

    I always wanted to own a blendtec and hopefully now is my chance! I hear so many amazing reviews about it and hope to be the lucky winner!!!

  3. Christin

    The only way I can get veggies in my 2 year old is with smoothies. I would love a Blendtec to make the smoothie make job a bit easier.

  4. Allie

    I would loooove to win! I love my green smoothies (unrefined coconut oil is my secret ingredient!) And this would make it much easier!!

  5. CalieS

    I just started trying to make green smoothies. The only problem is they are not perfectly smooth. My ninja just can’t hack it! :) I would love LOVE to have a Blendtec!

  6. missb

    My blender recently broke and its prime smoothie time!! It’d sure be nice to win this than to have to buy one! after reading everything about this, if I don’t win, I may have to buy this one!

  7. Camille

    Everyone who owns a Blendtec has nothing but good things about it! One of my favorite Youtube vloggers (itsjudylife) and her husband SWEAR by their Blendtec. I saw a demo at Costco one day and from that day on I have been on a mission to save and buy one! When I saw that you are giving one away my heart sank to my stomach with excitement, lol! Good luck to everyone and Happy Birthday Carrian :-)

  8. Camille

    Everyone who owns a Blendtec seems to have nothing but good things to say about them. Ever since I saw a demo at Costco, I have been determined to save for one of these bad boys lol! When I saw this awesome giveaway my heart sank to my stomach with excitement! Good luck to everyone, and Happy Birthday Carrian!!!

  9. Nicki

    Oops. :) I’ve been looking at Blendtecs for a while, but we’ve got a baby coming and I can’t justify that money right now. :) Would love to win one!

  10. Carrie

    There are a ton of reasons why I love Blendtec, but one of the best things are the “Will it Blend” videos. They are awesome!

  11. Sue Staus

    I currently have a Ninja, it started leaking and I’m looking for a new blender and most likely swtiching brands. Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  12. Sherrie A

    I have never seen the blendtec, so it would be great to win one. Thanks for the chance to win. Hopefully I do win, since I have no blender.

  13. Tiffany

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love my green smoothies in the morning and this would help make everything so much easier!

  14. Cyndi H

    I’d love to win this Blendtec to make healthy green smoothies! BTW, it’s my birthday, more the reason to win :)

  15. Jen

    I have heard awesome things about the magic power of the Blendtec, but have not been able to purchase one. Thanks so much for the chance to win! You both are amazing!

  16. Natasha

    I have 4 boys and a husband that LOVE smoothies! I think this would be a great addition to our powerhouse family!

  17. Samantha

    I love blendTec…I was able to borrow my neighbors to make almond butter in the twister jar and i was amazing! Would love to own one.

  18. Diane

    A Blendtec blender would be a wonderful help with my new whole foods way of eating. Oh the smoothies I could make.

  19. Cynthia

    I NEED a Blendtec! I don’t have a decent blender and I have been dreaming of getting one! Thanks and happy birthday !

  20. Jessica Marron

    I would LOVE to have a Blendtec. My husband and I enjoy smoothies several times a week and this would be the perfect addition to our kitchen!

  21. Cheryl

    I have always wanted a Blendtec! It would sure make my day easier with all of my daycare children and the meals I get to fix! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. Joanna

    I’ve heard great things about BlendTec but have never had one of my own. Hoping I’m the lucky winner!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  23. Gisele

    Hoping to win the awesome Blendtec blender so that I can start my 3rd pregnancy on the right foot, smoothies instead of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches which is all I want right now!!!! I love Blendtec!

  24. Lisa+Stillman

    I get “500 Internal Server Error” when I click the link for Oh, Sweet Basil. This is underneath “nginx/1.2.1″ From Pinterest I get “Whoops! We couldn’t find that page.
    How about these instead?” when I click the link for The Recipe Critic. All of the others worked fine for me. Any suggestions?

  25. Lisa

    We lost our Blendtec when our house burn down October last year and I sure would love to have one again! Nothing blends like it.

  26. Terri C.

    Ohmygosh! This would be amazing to own. I’ve been doing my research and this is the one I’ve chosen! I feel like it’s my “key” to getting on the right track for weight loss….which I neeeeed!!

  27. Terri+C.

    I don’t see my previously posted comment…but I feel that winning this amazing machine would be the key to start a successful weight loss course. Thank you for the opportunity to win this! <3

  28. Jesica R.

    Would LOVE the Blendtec- always end up with chunks of something that hasn’t completely blended- would be perfect to have something that makes it SMOOOTH all the way to the last drop!

  29. Angela J

    Yay for a great giveaway! Hoping to win so my husband will finally make smoothies with me. He swears BlendTec blenders are the only “good ones out there”. Thanks!

  30. Stacie S-H

    If I had one, I know I would love it! I’d use it almost every day and bring smoothies in for my coworkers. That’d be cool and so legit

  31. Debbie

    I LOVE BLENDTEC to make my weekly smoothies. The Blendtec is stylish, it would look nice on my kitchen countertop.