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Congrats to the winner #113 Trina

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again… time to order Christmas cards! I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail each year. I always keep mine in a special binder. It’s so fun to see new and old friends each year. My absolute favorite place to order my cards from is  Shutterfly. They have  all sorts of cards and I love their designs. They also have a lot of good tips and tricks on their new site that share ideas for a Family Photo Idea. Find tons of inspiration and tips on Shutterfly’s Family Photo Site. My best tip to you would be to capture your families “unique” personality.    Let the kids be silly in the photos, it’s much more fun that way and those always end up being my favorite pictures!

I always do a typical Christmas car where we’re all smiling (okay the kids are NEVER smiling) but I thought it would be fun one of these times to do a card with pictures from the every day moments. From our REALY life moments. Here are some of my card worthy photos. ;) If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen these cuties.

I also make a book each year through Shutterfly. My kids love to look through them.

I am super excited because today I get to give one of YOU a $100 gift certificate. Sweet, huh?!

$100 Shutterfly giveaway:

Here’s how to enter:

1. It’s simple, just leave a comment on this post.

2. Tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #CardWorthy and tag @iheartnaptime

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Also Don’t miss: 

Shutterfly is having a CardWorthy Photo Contest that is running on their Facebook page from November 12 – December 9. You can upload a photo into one of their 2012 holiday cards. This contest will run for four weeks with a new theme every week: Travel, Funny, Pets, and Family Holiday. The grand prize is a dream trip for a family of four (the winner chooses the destination). The 1st place winner will receive $500 in Shutterfly credit, 2nd place will receive $250 in Shutterfly credit, and 3rd place will receive $150 in Shutterfly credit. Here’s a link to the contest: . Hurry and enter! 

Giveaway Terms:

Offer expires 03/14/2013 (11:59 P.M. PST).  Offer is good for $100 off total order at  Order must total more than $100 before taxes and other charges in order for discount to apply.  Offer valid for one-time redemption per billing address. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you be Shutterfly. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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186 Responses to “CLOSED 5 card worthy photos + $100 to Shutterfly”

  1. Amber

    I LOVE Shutterfly. I do photo books every year from them, and I did do some Christmas cards from them this year too.

  2. Lisa Tanner

    I would love love to win!! We are headed to Disney next week, and I would love to be able to print my photos right away – this would help!! And Christmas cards, too!!! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  3. MeganM.

    I love shutterfly! They’re my go-to picture place now! Always good quality and good prices! Thanks for the fun giveaway and I love the pictures! :)

  4. Jess

    Totally love shutterfly… Just ordered books from them!! Would love to use them for my christmas cards!!

  5. Beth Matlock

    I have ordered 3 books from Shutterfly and I love sharing them and giving them as gifts. They are fun and easy to create , too!

  6. Heather

    I love Shutterfly! We do a book every year also, it’s so fun to look through them! And Shutterfly has awesome customer service!! Never been disappointed!

  7. Christine

    I love shutterfly! I make books on there once or twice a year with all of our family photo’s because my kids love looking at them.

  8. Carol G.

    I love shutterfly! I have ordered our christmas cards from them!!! They always turn out PERFECT! :)

  9. Casslyn bredenberg

    I love shutterfly! I love their prints, photo books as gifts for my kids, family members for Christmas, and me for a year in review! Love it all!

  10. Corie

    I love shutterfly. I just recently made and ordered two books from them they turned out great!

  11. Michelle phillips

    I love shutterfly and their share sites. So easy to keep in touch with people. I’m planning on making a book of my sons first year

  12. Michelle R

    Absolutely LOVE Shutterfly! I have been getting Christmas gifts from them for the past three years.

  13. Melissa

    I love shutterfly! i’ve made many books and gifts and have been doing Project Life this year with Shutterfly!

  14. Deby

    I love sending personal Christmas Cards – it makes it look like I really spent the time and effort instead of buying a big box of cards all the same. People really appreciate a little extra effort at Christmas time, and a newsletter inside the card is a perfect way to stay in touch with distant family and friends. Thanks for the great Gveaway.

  15. Erica J

    love ordering from shutterfly! always try to do real life cards it makes sending out holiday card or anything a little more fun. :)

  16. Katrin

    Using Shutterfly for years and love, love, love them. The books are awesome and so are the cards. Also super cute – their magnets and all the other gifts you can make. I can only recommend them. :)

  17. Gwen Evans

    I super love shutterfly! I order all my pics from them for my scrapbooks and I order their hardback books for every vacation I go on and I also get photo Christmas cards from them! I super wanna win!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  18. Laurie

    I love the pics of your kiddos…..great idea to use the “real life” pics for Christmas cards!

  19. Stephanie L

    This is exciting! I have decided this year that I would add real life photos to our cards. Also, I am just starting to do Our Year books – I have to start in 2005 – so I have a LONG way to go!! LOL

  20. Michelle Henry

    I’ve been trying to decide how to do my Christmas cards this year, I think this is a fun idea :)

  21. Miriam Prantner

    What a great giveaway! I use Shutterfly all the time, for all our prints and to make photo books!

  22. Whitney

    I love Shutterfly! I always use them for my photo books and they have great customer service.

  23. Tina

    I have two picture sharing sites through Shutterfly! It is the BEST way to keep up with family and their photos!

  24. Bethany

    I love Shutterfly! I make calendars for my parents and inlaws each year for Christmas. They always turn out beautiful! There are so many great gift ideas on their site. I’d love to win the $100!

  25. Tiffanie

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I really hope I win. We are having our first baby, a daughter, in February and will have lots of cards to send out!

  26. Michelle R.

    I always try to get a smiling pic for our cards but always end up gettting a silly picture that is even better! Love Shutterfly!

  27. Shelly

    I don’t scrapbook, so I think photobooks are a lifesaver. I’m way behind, though, and money at Shutterfly could really help me fix that!

  28. Susan Rudolph

    I LOVE your blog and I love shutterfly too! I always make my holiday “thank you” cards with photos of my kids from the Christmas celebrations on shutterfly. After looking at the adorable photos of your kids (especially with paint on the face!) I am inspired to make my christmas cards to send with shutterfly this year too! Thanks you!

  29. Erin

    I’ve been meaning to start doing books for each child… just haven’t gotten around to it. It’s a great keepsake!

  30. Wilai

    I like real photo for Xmas card too. Too much pressure for studio post photo with all kids smile and look at the same time. The everyday photo are just as nice or better.

  31. leslie

    Getting ready for my son’s 1st birthday and need to order pictures. This could help a lot!

  32. Katrina

    I think everyday moment pictures are hilarious, but I too go for the “traditional” Christmas card. I only get one of those a year, so I truly cherish that picture. Shutterfly is a wonderful resource that I’ve used to make lovely photo books for the grandmas with all the everyday moments.

  33. Sandra

    I love Shutterfly, I always use them for our Christmas cards, and I make several photo books a year. I make one for each of my kids, one for us and I send a special book to the each of the grandparents every year for Christmas.

  34. megan b

    I use Shutterfly every year for my cards so the gift card would definitely come in handy!

  35. Tori F

    I LOVE Shutterfly!! I do the books and every year I make my parents a calendar with the grandkids pics!! They love it and I have never been disappointed!

  36. Kelsey W.

    I LOVE Shutterfly photobooks and I’ve started making one every year as well. I would definitely use the $100 towards my 2012 book.

  37. Jamie

    I love getting photo Christmas cards from friends and family! Shutterfly has so many cute cards!

  38. Megan K.

    I love Shutterfly! I’ve got a few different photo books that I need to get done right now so this giveaway would come in very handy!!

  39. Melissa

    Shutterfly is one of the top sites I send friends and family to when they ask me where to print their pictures. Great quality, great prices. I have several Christmas gifts in the works that will utilize their printing services (books, cards, prints, etc.) and a $100 gift card would definitely help the process! Usually the longest part of my books in particular is trying to trim it down once I finish it because it is too easy to make a long book when it is so easy to make it turn out cute!

  40. Krista van Langen

    Oooh! I love Shutterfly! I order a lot of photo prints from them and I also love their photo books!

  41. Lori Z.

    I love making Shutterfly books. Last year was the first year I used them for cards too and they came out great!

  42. Tammi Schneiderman

    I love Shutterfly! I have several share sites that my fam and friends can view, save, and order prints from. And i’m way behind on my kids’ yearly books. :/

  43. Ashley

    OMG. I love Shutterfly. I’m obsessed with their custom page designing so I can scrapbook online without the mess and clutter in my home!

  44. Hanna

    I have wanted to make a photo book for years! My sister made a shutterfly book with her wedding pictures and it looked great.

  45. Alisha Williams

    I love love love the picture of your daughter in the swing. I would totally smile if I got a christmas card with that picture, and I would save it forever! It would make me smile everyday! Way to go for doing ‘real’ pictures! They’re so much better than unnatural poses anyway!

    • Kelly

      I think funny Christmas cards are the best! I love seeing personality in them rather than the stiff posed ones. The swing picture is my absolute favorite! You should definitely use that for your Christmas cards! :)

  46. Callie B.

    I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly! Some of my most precious things I own are from Shutterfly! Love the photo books!

  47. Alaa

    OMG!!! You guys look so precious. I love it! I love that you’re sowihng off your baby bump too. Man, you’re so on top of things. I have to get on that. Stat! I would so enter if I wasn’t already partnering with Tiny Prints for cards. Speaking of, I gotta get on that and publish that post. (haha)