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I LOVE Spring time, and I love making wreaths… so of course a spring wreath was a must! I have also been obsessed with cherry blossoms flowers and was excited to see that was  Create With Me theme this month. Here’s how mine turned out…


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So here’s what you’ll need to make your own cherry blossoms flowers wreath:

  • Plain Wreath from craft store
  • Spray Paint
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Bird House
  • Nest and Eggs
  • Ribbon or yarn wire
  • hot glue


cherry blossom flower

The first thing you’ll want to do is spray paint your wreath. There are so many fun colors… so get creative! Then you’ll grab your cherry blossoms branches and cut them each off.

flower wreaths

Next I hot glued the cherry blossoms branches around the wreath.

Take a Step back and look to see where it needs to be filled in more. You can also pull the individual flowers off and glue them to fill space. You can stop there, add a ribbon and call it quits… or keep going! :)

ralph lauren paint

I found the cutest little wooden bird houses at Jo-Ann’s for $1!! I couldn’t believe they were only a buck. Sa-weet! I snatched a couple of them. I have another fun project I’ll show you a little later.

So anyways.. snatch up one of these bird houses and paint it however you’d like. I painted mine white and did the trim in lime green. Then I distressed it with the Ralph Lauren glaze. I also added glaze to my little eggs that I painted white. I love that stuff!

bird nest craft

I found these cute little nest at HL and the wire yarn at Jo-Ann’s! That was the first time I had seen this stuff and I really like it. It’s a little bit pricey, but if you use a 50% off coupon it comes out to around $3.50. I also have more than half left for another project, so I’m happy!

bird nest crafts



I spray painted my nests lime green and then hot glued them onto my wreath.

bird house crafts

I wrapped the wreath with the yarn wire and then hung the bird house from it. I did have to screw in a little eyelet screw (is that what they’re called?!) and tie a little knot around it to hold it in place. And then you are finished. Woo hoo!

bird wreaths









So there’s my new Spring Wreath! Hope you enjoy!

Have you finished yours yet? There’s so many different takes on these. I’d love to see yours!

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