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 My Christmas decorations are almost all put up… I still have a few things I don’t know where to put, but we still got a few weeks! Since I don’t have a fire place this high-end table has become my “mantel.” I love switching out the decorations for all the holidays. So here’s my Christmas mantel… for now at least. I’m known to switch things up as the month goes on… does anybody else do that?
 I didn’t want to spend much on Christmas decor this year, so I used pretty much everything I already had. Those trees were from the dollar tree last year and the Wish sign was from Wall mart. The candlesticks I switch out for every holiday and I put the candles from my bathroom on top. All I did was roll the candles in glue and sprinkled them with glitter. :) I LOVE glitter! However my husband hates it… since it gets EVERYWHERE! lol
 The snow globe had to go. Everything always works better in sets of three…
 Of course there has to be a candy bowl… got to please my sweet tooth guests.
So there’s my Christmas mantel this year! The 4 blocks tutorial can be found here
Yay for Christmas decorations!! LOVE them! They make me so happy.
  P.s. I’m sad the months over! We had some really great guest bloggers during our Crazy Christmas Crafter event.  Come back tonight to see all 25 guest posters in a months recap!
You can still link up all your beautiful trees here. I’ll post some of my faves later in the week.
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16 Responses to “Christmas Decor: Red and Silver!”

  1. Haley K

    loveit loveit :) And yay for candy bowls!! Thank goodness for Hugs & Kisses that have different holiday wrappings ;)

  2. Tiffany Woodall

    I am the same way. I put my tree up on Saturday & I've been decorating & re-decorating ever since. My kids asked me last night when I was going to sit down & leave it all alone! =) I'm severly OCD & I just can't seem to be satisfied. Love the table … I do not have a fireplace either so I have an entry table that I decorate as well as my entertainment center (you'll have to see my blog for the story on that! … it's been my main re-decorating venture this week!).


    I love it! But my kiddos are just not ready for the candy bowl yet. I've been picking up little pieces of kisses wrappers all weekend!


    I love it! But my kiddos are just not ready for the candy bowl yet. I've been picking up little pieces of kisses wrappers all weekend!

  5. ericaj

    haha i'm the same way, a week after i get bored and i change everything. it makes it more interesting walking into a "new" room everyweek. and i have the same globe HL i'm having hard time finding a place for it.

  6. Your Frugal Friend, Niki

    Love it! I love anything that glitters.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Stop by and visit sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal.

  7. Madeline

    Red and silver was my theme too! Our decorations involved rolling things in gliiter as well.
    Yours looks beautiful!

  8. Leslie

    around here we call glitter CRAFT HERPES!!!! since you can't get rid of it. : )

    I love the decor, very very pretty.
    Happy december.

  9. Deanne

    Love your red and silver, they are my Christmas colours too!
    I don't have a mantel either, but I like your faux one anyway!