Christmas trees–failed!

So you know the “trees” everyone has been making all over blog land this year that look SO cute? Well I attempted them and failed.
The first mistake was paining them ALL red. I was planning on adding red ribbon to all of them, but then changed my mind after the fact. I needed more colors and textures then that!
For the first tree I ruffled some red ribbon and glued them in levels (about 1 in apart) all the way up the tree. I still haven’t found the perfect topper… so it stands topless!
For the second tree I tried one of the tissue paper trees I’ve been seeing everywhere. I love them… especially since it only cost about ten cents to make! I cut 1 1/2 strips of tissue paper and twisted them around the tree with tacky glue.
Twisting away… Good thing I was crafting with my friend because I was over these trees about an hour after I started them and realized they were taking way too long.
The third tree was pretty easy. I put tacky glue on it in sections and then rolled it in the Styrofoam balls I found at The Dollar Tree. I thought it would be cute to spray paint it silver, and thought it might also help cover the red underneath.
Obviously that wasn’t the smartest idea… the balls looked like they were melting away after the second coat. Sad day.
I stuck my trees on some painted candlesticks from the dollar tree like Eighteen25 showed us last month and I think those made a big difference. I guess these two turned out pretty cute. However the red tree still stands topless, but I have a feeling it will stay that way until next year.
Here’s a few more decorations I haven’t posted…
This is my nativity all set up. I love it! It reminds me of what Christmas is all about- The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.
For the Christ Art I painted an 8×8 piece of wood and added the vinyl in all different fonts and sizes. 


I downloaded this free printable, printed it off and framed it in a spray painted frame from the Dollar Tree. 
**edited to add** Here is the link to this cute  printable
Last but not least the top of my kitchen cabinets…
Right now I’m sitting here blogging and watching the Grinch. I love that movie. Am I the only one that has to do two things at once? I can never just sit and watch a movie without doing SOMETHING! Whether that be checking my reader, blogging, burning flowers, snuggling my baby, eating ice cream…lol
I think I’m about ready for Christmas. YAY! How are you doing?
I’m sad it’s almost over! It really doesn’t feel like Christmas is this Saturday. Especially when it’s still 75 outside. I’m hoping I can at least wear a cute sweater and some boots on Christmas…lol.
Okay time for bed… I can’t stay up past 11pm these days. 7 am comes way to fast (especially when your getting up in the middle of the night).
Happy Monday!
 come back tomorrow for a yummy recipe!
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