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Hi there I heart Naptime Readers! We are Mallory and Savannah from Classy Clutter! We are sooo thrilled to be participating in Crazy Christmas Crafters! What a great series Jamielyn has put together! Haven’t the projects so far been amazing??  

This week, we are kicking off the “Gift Ideas” with a Happy Birthday Board! This is a GREAT gift because it can be used year-round to remind us of upcoming birthdays! No one likes sending out “Belated Birthday” cards anyway right?! This is a super cute way to remind yourself of the birthdays for friends and family members! Heck, you could add Holidays and Anniversaries too!
Here’s what we did:

 1. Gathered materials:
For the board you will need: a board, knob or hook, knock-off texture spray, paint and vinyl and vinyl machine (optional)

For the tags you will need: ribbon, cardstock and a way to write on the names and dates. We used vinyl but you could write it on or use scrapbook stickers or whatever! The possibilities are endless!

 2. We used knock-off spray texture to cover the board, let dry completely.

 3. Removed some of the texture by using a putty knife… Use putty knife and/or sandpaper to create a texture to your liking.

 4. Spray the board with your base color. We used Krylon white. Let dry completely.

 (See the texture it leaves on the board. It looks great painted! L.O.V.E!)
5. While the paint is drying, use your Silhouette, Cricut or create a stencil by hand. We used the Silhouette and vinyl to create the text “Happy Birthday!” Don’t you LOVE the birthday candle for the “I”?
 We cut these tags out with the Silhouette and added some ink to the edges for a distressed look!
 6. Apply your stencil to the board and use your top color of spray paint to cover the entire board. We used Rustoleum Black spray paint. Again, let dry completely.

7. Finally, remove the vinyl from the board, letting your base color show through. You could leave it like this but we chose to use sandpaper and distress the whole board. Told ya, we LOVE that look! :)

8. Then, we used the Silhouette to make tags with each family member’s name and birthdate.
9. Attach a knob or a hook to your board and use ribbon to hang your tags on it!
Cutest knob EVER! Savannah found this knob a few months ago at Hobby Lobby! See where she used them on this dresser!?
10. Then you’re done! You have a fabulous gift to give for Christmas! We plan on giving this one to Savannah’s mom!
The VERY BEST part of this project is that between the two of us, we had EVERYTHING we needed for this project on hand!! Total cost: $0! That makes the hubs veeeery happy!

Jamielyn, thanks so much for inviting us to participate on Crazy Christmas Crafters! Stop by our blog and enter our Giveaway! We’d love to have you!

Thanks girls for the great tutorial! This is a great idea, and would be the PERFECT Christmas gift! It turned out so cute! I know I would love one of these. I’m horrible at remembering birthdays, so this would be a great thing to have!! Go check out Classy Clutter, they have so many other great tutorials!

**Don’t forget to enter the Silhouette and Whipper Berry Giveaway!**

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