Cuckoo Clock with Lolly Jane

Hello INaptime readers! 
We squealed in sheer delight when we received Jamielyn’s email in our inbox and are simply ecstatic to be guest bloggers today!  We hope you enjoy our project :)
We are identical twin sisters who are obsessed with all things crafty, cute & creative!  
Our little blog {Lolly Janeis full of tips, tutorials, DIY’s and always a giveaway or two.  Today, we are showing off our version of the Cuckoo Clock.

Simple project but makes a big statement :)

Supplies needed:
-Piece of 24×24 shabby plywood
-White paint for base
-RL glaze {or} Sandpaper
  -Cuckoo clock vinyl decal
-Cute little clock parts
-Smidge of mustard yellow spraypaint
1. After painting your plywood with a light coat of white, distress the heck out of it. 
2. Make sure your wood is bone dry and apply vinyl decal, {available HERE.}
3. Spray paint a light coat of yellow to clock hands.
4. Distress the hands a bit to match the shabbiness of the clock ;)
See?  Like this:
5. Router out the back of the wood to fit the clock parts.
6. Apply clock hands to the clock parts and viola!
Your very own CuCKoO cLoCk:
  That’s it!  Easy peasy, right?
Hop on over to Lolly Jane and say HELLO sometime :)
Email us at for any questions.
Thanks Jamielyn!
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