The best way to eat double stuffed oreos

The only way to eat an oreo… with a FORK! Kind of obvious right?! Then why for all those years was I trying to cram my hands in a little cup of milk. Lol!

double stuffed oreos

 In college me and my roomies would eat double stuffed oreos when we were having one of those nights.  To be honest I still do that. ha! Anyways I remember one night sharing a cup of milk with my friend probably because all of our dishes were dirty and she was all “get a fork!” I yelled out GENIUS! No more sticking your hands in the milk…  you just stick the fork in the oreo and let it soak in the milk.

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double stuffed oreos

Seriously… YUM! No wonder oreos have been around for 100 years… they are dang good!

double stuffed oreos

Now go get a fork and eat some oreos!! ;)

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