Dressing up your strawberry jam!

So first things first…make your strawberry jam. I just used the recipe on the back of the surgel package, and it’s really yummy! Then pour the jams into different jars.

We can’t just leave it in jars can we… nope! Next I cut out about 4×4 inch square of scrap fabric. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Then sandwich it in between the lid and screw on.
Next trim around the edges.
They could be left alone, but if you want to add a cute tag and ribbon, go for it!
Put adhesive on ribbon and wrap around outer edge.
Tie another ribbon or rafia to a tag and around the jar.
That’s it! Pretty simple! This would be such a fun treat to receive…so do me the honor, and go make some. Mine’s almost gone! ;) Or you can bake some bread and deliver it to your neighbors…I’m sure they’d love it!
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Jamielyn Nye

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