Fancy Fire Flowers!

So I’m not sure what these flowers are really called but I named them fire flowers! My friend and I made these a few weeks ago and felt like pyros. We were sitting there with matches just burning fabric away! She had a repair man come to the house and he was like “umm what are you girls doing?!” Oh just making headbands… haha!
They are super easy to make and require no sewing at all! First you’ll want to cut about five different flowers in descending order. On the right is my stack of circles I cut out and on the left is the circles after I burned the edges (it doesn’t take long for the edges to curl up). We found that satin, sheer or polyester fabric curls up best and using a candle is better than matches. That way you don’t have to keep lighting matches…and the whole process smells better! I like to burn each individual circle first and then glue them together.
Here’s a few hair clips I made up. All I did was hot glue the layers together, and add a clip. Fire and glue guns really aren’t good on the fingers though… just sayin’! 
Tulle and a button completes the flower! If you haven’t tried these-TRY THEM…they are really fun and super cute! Have fun and Be SAFE!! 
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Jamielyn Nye

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