First Birthday shirt and party hat

To make your hat- trace a party hat from the store onto cute paper or fabric( or just use the party hat from the store), fold and glue, and then glue pom-poms on top and around the sides.
To make your shirt- First cut out a circle. Then trace the circle on to the fabric and cut out.
Trace a 1 onto scrap fabric and then cut.
I thought the one needed a little more spice, so I threaded some blue through and then used Heat N Bond to bond it to my shirt.
Here is the end result… Pretty dang cute! It was so funny watching him dig into that cake. He absolutely loved it! I think all of the work I put into this party definitely paid off, and now I will have all these cute pictures forever! I love my chunky monkey!
click on over to see his cupcake tower,birthday banner, and picture display.
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