Fresh and Clean new look to my curtains!

I am loving the soft white curtains I finally made for my kitchen! I knew I needed to pick a white fabric to keep the sunshine coming through!
This is what the curtains looked liked when we moved in…just not my style!

So here’s how I made the curtains… sorry I didn’t take more pictures during the process.
First I went to Jo-Ann’s and found some material. I bought about 1 yd of the polkadot and 1/2 yard of the stripes. I took measurement and cute where it needed to be cut, and then I folded the edge in about 1/2 in. I sewed a straight line around the whole thing. For the ruffle I sewed a long stitch leaving the string on both sides so I could pull it together to create the ruffle. After the striped fabric was ruffled I sewed that to the polka dot. AND this is where I messed it up.
I don’t know if you can see from the picture but you can see the raw edge…whoops! I really hate picking out all the stitches so I decided to think of an alternative.
I was all out of fabric and it was late… so I went through the clothes I was going to give away this week and found a white undershirt. I also found a few other things I can save for fabric! YES!
I cut 1 inch strips and ruffled them all. Then I pinned them over my mistake and wahlah!
I’m actually glad I messed up because I LOVE how the ruffle turned out!!
Awe MUCH better! Curtains make all the difference… now go make some!
 Here’s the updated version w/ our kitchen makeover!
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