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This summer I have been doing “Friday Fun Day” with the kids every Friday. It is SO stinking hot in AZ, so the kids tend to get bored REAL fast. This way I have something for the kids to look forward to every week. We always try and go out and do something really fun. I don’t usually spend a lot of money and we always have a great time. I have loved bonding with my kids and watching their relationship bloom. Some days we go to the pool or splash pad and other days we’ll go to the zoo or Children’s museum.

A few weeks ago we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. There is one right by our house and the kids have been begging to go for months. My little guy has been before but this was Miss E.’s first time. She was in heaven! She used all her tokens on that ride below. She loved it! Chuck E. Cheese’s is the perfect place for kids to have fun! I loved hanging out and watching my kiddos play games. They had so much fun running around and they loved their cheese pizza! They also earned a few tickets and got to pick out a piece of candy. They felt so big “purchasing” their candy. They were happy campers.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a safe and clean place to enjoy with your family. When you walk in they have hand sanitizers so everyone can wash away the germs. I also LOVE that each parent and child receives a special stamp with a matching number. When you leave they check to make sure your number matches everyone you leave with. It’s also a very well-lit, open environment so you can always see where your kiddos are. Want to know the best part about the trip? They came home and took a THREE HOUR NAP! I was in nap time heaven. I finished several projects and even sat down for a few minutes to relax (that never happens). So all in all we had a great day! Next Friday Fun Day will be spent at grandma’s house! We’ll make a day trip out there and hit the pool.

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Want to win a $100 gift card to Chuck E. Cheese’s? Answer this question- why does your family love Chuck E. Cheese’s? Leave your answer in a comment below to enter to win!

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194 Responses to “{CLOSED} Friday fun day at Chuck E. Cheese + giveaway”

  1. Miriam Prantner

    It’s Chuck E Cheese. What’s not to love?! Where a kid can be a kid, so much fun stuff to do and great on a rainy day!

  2. lynn b

    We love chuck e cheese for all the fun games. Even us adults secretly like helping the kiddos! Plus everyone rests well after going which is huge at my house b/c no one takes naps anymore!

  3. Natasha J

    my son always plays with his imaginary friend “chuckie” because he lives at his “birthday” whenever its someones birthday (no matter how old) he thinks we are going to chuck e cheese because thats what a birthday is…. its too cute. oh and i have to admit. i love playing the games too

  4. tiff

    We love it because we don’t have to worry about the kids running out without us because of their number stamp system. Also, the play space is open enough that we can see where they are at all times regardless of where we sit!

  5. Nat

    We went twice last year while daddy was deployed…but we haven’t ever been there with dad! I loved it as the mom, because my kids were safe and the games were easy to play. My 9 year old, 7 year old and my 3 year old all felt like winners! Who am I kidding? I was playing games too! So much fun–we’d LOVE to go again soon!
    Nat :)

  6. Rebecca M.

    I love Chuck E Cheese because it’s a place where I can take all four of my kids and everyone has a good time! Even my oldest, who’s now a freshman in college, still likes to go to Chuck E Cheese. They have so much fun playing the games.

  7. Erin Young

    my family loves chuck e. cheese b/c there is so many things that everyone can find something they like and they can burn off all of their energy. :)

  8. Yadira

    I love it because I get to see my little boys face light up each time he gets tickets, and to see how excited he gets to trade those tickets for little prizes :)

  9. Celeste O

    A safe fun place for my kids to play at. I will even go there with a friend so my kids will have friends to play with while me and my friend catch up.

  10. michelle riebeek

    My daughter loves the commercials and always sings along. She has never been and would be so excited to go!

  11. Lynette

    My daughter absolutely loves chuck e cheese! It would be so much fun to have $100 to spend there.

  12. jennifer horn

    My family loves Chuck E. Cheese because there’s something there for everyone to do.

  13. Shyla Harris

    We love Chuck E.Cheese!! My daughter enjoys putting the tokens in & getting tickets! The bee game is her favorite!!

  14. Jade

    I try to take the kids to Chucksters every once in awhile. I *LOVE* that they changed the games so that they ALL cost just 1 token (ie. $0.25) I can give each kid $5.00 and they each get to play 20 games! Makes for a fun and thrifty afternoon. If it’s been an especially long time since we’ve been, I’ll sometimes spring for lunch – I like that they have a salad bar so we aren’t just stuck eating pizza.

  15. Kari Richards Conklin

    I took my niece to Chuck E Cheese and she was so excited she was putting tokens in rides when other kids were on them :) when Chuck came out to dance she danced along, enthralled. I think it’s a fun place for kids to blow off steam, especially in winter months when they can’t go outside as much!

  16. Mindy Skoglund

    My kids love the freedom they have to pick their favorite games. My 7 & 9 year olds can play games on their own while I help our 4 year old. Its also great when its hot outside. I am thankful for the security measures and cleanliness.

  17. Shawn

    I love that the place has something for everyone of my kids… from 2 up to 10! All 5 of them Loe it here!

  18. Elena

    My family loves Chuck E Cheese’s because it’s a fun place to play and celebrate birthdays!

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  19. Jodi D.

    We love Chuck E Cheese for the SKEE BALL! (not sure if it actually called that) That is how we win the most tickets!

  20. Dezi A

    My family loves it cause there’s something all my boys can do at the same time – from my 18 month old up to my husband. They all love it! :)

  21. Rhonda R

    Why does my family love Chuck E. Cheese…. its just a fun filled awesome place!!! Its entertaining, safe and not to mention the food is great. They go all out so you and your family have a wonderful time!!… just to mention that if i where to win this gift card… I would put it towards a birthday party there for my great nephew… he’s been wanting to have a birthday at a place like this… his dad recently returned from Iraq and money is really tight for them… this would really make his day (birthday)!!! Thanks for this chance to win this giveaway :)

  22. Keshakeke

    Oh my how we LOVE Chuck e Cheese! My daughter loves it, but I think I love it more! We love to play the games together and take pictures! It wouldn’t be complete without a yummy pepperoni pizza!

  23. Brenda

    We love Chuck E Cheese! Such a fun and safe place for the kids to have a blast and stay cool!

  24. Jessie J.

    We love chuckie cheese in this house other than its just a fun place to be, its also a special reward! We have tokens that we use as our rewards for good behavior, helping, chores. So when we get to go, the kids can use their bounty.

  25. Michelle Vandergrift

    We’ve never been! The closest one to us is 50 miles away. However, if I win the gift card, I’m sure we’d make a special trip. Looks like a place the kids would love!

  26. Sarah Morris

    I love Chuck-E-Cheese’s because I can play like a kid again. My kiddo likes Chuck-E-Cheese’s because of the rides and he gets to choose a prize with my tokens!!

  27. Michelle Smith

    We love Chuck E Cheese because there is something there for everyone in my family. Even my husband gets into ski ball!

  28. Denise Wilson

    We love it because there is so much to do! Family fun for all of us! And great food, too!

  29. Doreen H

    Games, Food, and Fun for those of all ages! Thanks for the giveaway! (My grandkids would love this…)

  30. Cindy

    I have been going to Chuck E. Cheese’s since my daughter was 2 and now I’m taking her daughter and she is 7-it’s a fun and safe place to be. We even had my little sister’s 30th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s :)

  31. Diane

    I take my grand kids!
    All we have to do is say those three words Chuck E Cheese’s and they jump for joy !
    We all have a wonderful bonding time as a family there and we all love the Pizza to.
    I to love that it’s a safe place to enjoy family time together because we don’t have to worry about the kids running out without us because of their number stamp system:)
    Fun give away thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Susan Honaker

    My family loves Chuck E. Cheese because it’s a place where we can go as a family that is affordable and fun. We play games, then when we get hungry we can sit as a family and enjoy the best pizza around, and share laughs and smiles. After lunch we can enjoy more games and family fun. Chuck E. Cheese cares about families. Where else can you play a game with one token and get an even better deal with there online coupons. It’s GREAT!!!

  33. mary norman

    we love it because i get to play games with my kids. so its fun for all of us.

  34. Andrea

    We love this place. My girl can be free and pretty much do what she wants there. It’s great until she runs out of money and runs up with her hands open begging for more tokens.

  35. becca holt

    Our favorite thing about Chuck E Cheese is the game you play that takes a quick snapshot of you in the photo booth and then produces a pencil dot image of the picture. I have so many great pictures of my kids from this ride and it’s always a favorite when we visit Chuck E Cheese! I just wish their pizza tasted better :0

  36. Fawn Strunk

    My Kids love Chucky cheese and so do I
    I love to take the kids their order a pizza and just read a book while they run around and play.
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  37. Kala

    My kids love chuck e cheese! It’s such a special treat and my sons favorite place to go for his birthday!

  38. Laurel Naegele

    Our family loves Chuck E Cheese because it’s a great place to have birthday parties! My son turns 5 in January and he is requesting a Chuck E Cheese birthday party. Between the games, characters, music and prizes, there is enough to keep any kids attention! And the pizza isn’t so bad either!

  39. Bessie

    Fact is, I’ve never been there! But your blog post made me want to try it. It sounds great!

  40. Katherine

    We love Chuck E Cheese because we always have so much fun. We love to play all the games. Deal or No Deal is a family favorite.

  41. Alaina Christensen

    My kids love Chuck E. Cheese’s because they love spending “money” on whatever they want! My husband loves it because he can show off his amazing basketball skills. I love it because my kids are happy and contained:)

  42. Bethany Kennedy

    We only go there for the kids birthdays. It makes it extra special when we go. They love it all, especially picking their own prizes

  43. Heather K Miller

    Living in AZ, we are lays looking for fun indoor things tht get us out of the house and hidden from the heat! An air conditioned chuck e. cheese is the perfect place for that!

  44. Allison Almond

    well, I’m on shoestring budget, so we usually eat before we go, and I pack snacks so we are less likely to buy form the vending machines or order from the counter.
    otherwise we both have fun. :)

  45. Michelle

    My kids birthdays are one day apart but there is a 3 year gap in their ages so Chuck E. Cheeses is the perfect place because theres something for them both and they don’t mind sharing their special day!

  46. Kathy Casserly

    We love chuck e cheese because it is a fun, safe environment for children to play and explore. We always have a great time at their birthday parties.

  47. Andrea Neitzel

    It is a fun place to play for all the kids (and let’s be honest, the adults too). They have so many activities to play that they don’t get to play anywhere else!

  48. Sally P

    Everybody loves Chuck E Cheese. It’s an original – one of the first indoor fun places for children. Visiting Chuck E Cheese is a great way to spend an afternoon – the kids have a blast in a safe environment and it’s relaxing for parents also!!

  49. Michelle C

    My family loves Chuck E Cheese because it’s a place where the kids can run around and play and the grown ups can sit back and let them go without having to hold their hand!

  50. Stephanie Trinidad

    We love Chuck E. Cheese because its a great place for my boys to have fun and enjoy themselves. With the pocket not being very deep at all right now, i love that i can let them have a blast with only $20 of tokens. Its a great place for bonding time with them. They never want to leave the place, no matter how long we’ve been there. We have also done the Friday fun day thing with our boys, so they look forward to it the whole week. Thanks for the chance to enter this sweepstakes and express the fun of having 2 wounder boys.

  51. Ashlee

    My family hasn’t been to Chuck E Cheese, but one just opened, and I remember going as a kid. Plus, I think it’d be hilarious to take my best friend there for her big 3-0 birthday!

  52. Amy Tong

    My family loves Chuck E Cheese. It’s such a fun place for the kids and I can relax and watch them play. ;)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  53. Katy

    We love Chuck E. Cheese’s because everyone in my family has fun there. Games, food and family fun…what else could you ask for? :)

  54. Gina M

    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. Gina M

    I love that it is a fun environment for kids of all ages!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. Amanda Sakovitz

    We love it because we have so much fun playing all the games for prizes!

    pokergrl8 at

  57. Michele P.

    we love CEC because of the fun family time, the games and prizes, the great tasting pizza, and the fact that even I can act like a kid and get away with it lol.


    I love that you can have a party at Chucky Cheese, without making reservations. My daughter loves it because, she can run around freely and have unlimited fun. “Where a kid, can be a kid”!

  59. Denielle

    We love Chuck E Cheese because as my daughter would say… It’s the bestest place ever Mommy! It’s so fun and I can be a kid! Lol!

  60. Jessica Fultz

    We love Chuck E Cheese because there’s something for everyone in our family to enjoy. My 3 year old LOVES going there, so we make it a monthly outing for our family.

  61. Cassandra Eastman

    Our family loves Chuck E Cheese because it’s great for the WHOLE family… We can eat delicious pizza, then play games together! Even if it’s too hot or too cold outside, it’s something fun we can do year around!

  62. Ashley Wolfe

    We Love Chuck E Cheese because its a fun environment in which the whole family can enjoy, In our house even mommy and daddy love chuck e cheese!!!

  63. Amber Warren

    We love Chuck E. Cheese because it’s somewhere my daughter can actually act her age. She has so much fun just running around and being herself without having to be told no about anything!


    Ok they say we love it cause its is a place were kids can be kids but come on lets face it we love it because its a place where we parents can also be kids i am a mom of 3 young kids and when we go to chuck e cheese i ride on the motorcycles and play skeeball just like when i was 7 or 8 i believe we love it because it lets us connect with our children and our inner child

  65. Summer

    We love Chuck E. Cheese because it is fun for the whole family. There are games for kids and even fun games for the adults. I also think the salad bar is pretty awesome :) Thanks for the chance.

  66. Kellly G.

    We love going to Chuck E Cheese! I have a 10 yr old boy and a 3 year old girl and they/I always have a ton of fun! Its great for kids of all ages and adults to spend fun family time together! As they are constantly growing and playing more advanced games each time I take them :)

  67. Crystal

    Mu family loves to go to Chuck E. Cheese because it’s the only other place that my son with Autism can be a kid. And us as a family we can just go play games and eat pizza. That lets us and him get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and just enjoy each other.

  68. Debbie Gorman

    Chuck E Cheese first opened in 1977. One year before I was born. I have many memories as a child having a great time with friends and family at Chuck E Cheese. Now 35 year later I still enjoy my time at Chuck E Cheese making many memories with my own daughter! She loves that place. I think one of her most remembered birthdays was at Chuck E Cheese! It’s been amazing to see how much it has changed!

  69. maria

    Sorry but I’m. Going to write in spanish. If you can’t understand just translate in google. La Familia le gusta chuck e cheese xq hay mucha diversion y a nosotros los adultos nos hace sacar el niño q llevamos dentro nos hace recordar cuando eramos chiquitos y hace q nuestros hijos esten felices y hace que nos acerquemos a ellos.

  70. Tessa

    We as parents enjoy it as much as the kids do, it’s a great bonding play time. We had our oldest kids 5th birthday party there in April and my 2 year old fell in love with the place. Now we make it a go to place once a month. I loved it as a kid and still do as a parent :)

  71. jennifer baumgartner

    My entire family loves Chuck E. Cheese! My girls (17 and 16) love the pizza and my two boys (8 and 11) love the games. My youngest son just had a Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese the first of this month and it was a big hit with everyone. I love how Chuck E. Cheese danced with my son and took pictures with the birthday boy and guests. I love how the hostess took care of everything and I didn’t have to clean the house or clean up after the party. My favorite aspect of Chuck E. Cheese is the safety factor. I love how my children have their arms checked to make sure they’re leaving with the same adult they came in with. Safety is a huge part of why I love Chuck E. Cheese.

  72. amanda

    We love it because it is a great time to interact with our son and daughter. Also use the ticket system as a teaching tool!

  73. jessica

    We love chuck e cheese because its a fun place for the whole family. We love bringing the kids and having a great time playing games, eating pizza, and making lots of precious memories :)

  74. Erika Newland

    I love CEC because it is one of the only places both my kids age 7 and 2 both have a good time. The staff is friendly an pizza is awesome!!

  75. Mara E. Crowley

    My family loves Chuck E Cheese b/c we love to see our kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren/cousins/brothers n sisters have a blast there.

  76. Julie Angulo

    We love chuckie cheese because my daughter( who will be two next month ) can run around and be herself and interact with other kids! wE ALSO LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact thatshe learns her fine motor skills playing the games and also putting the coins in the machine. Not to mention that i dont have to chase her around and dont haveto worry about anyone kidnapping my baby theres eyes everywhere! WE LOVE CHUCKIE CHEESE thanks for giving us the chance to win a special family night out at a place where a kid can be a kid!!!!

  77. Tiffany

    My two toddlers absolutely love Chuckie Cheese! The last time that we visited my 3 yr old daughter said to me “I had fun at Chuckie Cheeses!” that was one of two few times that she actually formed a full sentence very clearly. It’s one of the few places that our whole family including the toddlers can have a good time.

  78. Dawn

    We love going to chuckee cheeses to play all the games and my kids love dancing with chuckee to earn tickets!

  79. Lynette Maldonado

    My family love Chuck e Chesee’s because is a place where you can be safe with your kids because they have a lot of security at the exit. Also, we spend a lot of quality time sharing with our kids the things they liked. They share with other kids and that’s very important in the development of a child. Also, the games are educational. We love it.

  80. Rhonda

    Chuckecheese is a favorite with our family because it’s just a fun place with the games, prizes, music, food and especially important is all the smiles it brings. It’s a happy place and we like happy places. We really love it around Christmas time when Christmas music is playing and Chuck-E is looking the part.

  81. kim davis

    We love chuck e cheese! ! Not a place just for kids . Its a place for everyone from the yummy pizza, saladbar all the way to the games! We luv this place!!

  82. Krysta Schoeneweis

    My son and I absolutely Love Chuck E Cheese! We go at least twice a month, we had his 2nd bday party here, and now in 2 weeks we are having his 4th here! The staff is always great, the pizza is good, and the price is perfect! I can’t wait to have all our friends and family together at chuck e cheese on the 29th to celebrate my sons bday!

  83. robbie finethy

    My kids loved chuckies when they were little! Now i take my grandchildren there now. They love itevery time we go its a whole afternoon and goes by so fast! We can’t believe how time flts there!

  84. guadalupe lopez

    Love chuck e cheese :-) pizza, games and salad bar everyones happy and my daugther loves to take chuck e cheese pictures :-)

  85. Jennifer

    I love bringing my kids to our local Chuck E Cheese when they get good grades or do all their chores without complaining. They enjoy running around playing skee ball and rockin out w/ Chucky and his friends : )

  86. Melissa meeks

    My family loves chuckie cheese because we can let our guard down and just have fun without having to worry about our 3yr old being able to participate easily.

  87. paul laufer

    We love it because we can bring the whole family from the 91 year old grandma down to the 3 year old and everyone has a great time. Not to mention at a great value!!!!

  88. Jen Ciampa

    My son is 3 1/2 and loves going to chuck e cheese. So much so, he asks about every other day. We try to take him at least every couple of months. And my family loves Chuck E Cheese because we love seeing the smile light up his face when he plays all the games and climbs through the play tunnels. I love the hand sanitizers and stamping system for parent and child, just like another mom said. This gift certificate would be wonderful to use towards his Bday, as we plan on celebrating his 4th Bday there.

    Good Luck to all, but hope we win. Thanks for the chance.

  89. nancy roman

    my opinion to that question? chucke cheese is one of the greatest place to take ur child due to a free time for them and a day full of joy happiness and lots of fun time for them! they get to eat chessy pizza run around play games collect tickets win a price and see chuckie :) best part of all once u get home wash them up and from such a long day of excitement once u know it they are out for the day! and time for mommy and daddy to have some pieceful quite time :) thank you for giving me the chance to post my comment!

  90. Sean

    It’s such a fun place to go, especially on rainy days. Kids can play in a contained area, and adults can hang out.

  91. Thomas Murphy

    We love the environment and we all have a blast playing the games!

    rounder9834 at yahoo dot com

  92. Kevin E

    We love Chuck E Cheeses because the games are fun, and it is a clean and safe environment!


  93. Daisy

    whe Loveee chuck e. cheese beacause of the great pizza & my kids have so much fun in alll the games ty

  94. Karen Medlin

    Perfect place to have a weekday party for preschoolers, and good food
    There are plenty of games for the older and younger kids, all the games are age-appropriate!
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  95. Nicole

    I am a recently single mother of a three year old girl. My baby Kaydence. We love Chuck E Cheese because to be honest. You cannot beat their prices. I am struggling, but i still want to creat memories with my daughter that will last a lifetime without hurting my pocket. its very hard to choose a place where its clean, great staff, great security and air conditioned! here is sunny florida, its always hot! and i dont always have the money to drive to the beach or the means to go to a pool. i dont always have the money to pay for movies, or the zoo or museum. i love chuck e cheese because i can be flat broke, but still go there to play with my daughter. between the free entrance, or cheap tokens, this place is a god send! but id have to say, what i love MOST about chuck e cheese is their ability too ENCOURAGE good behavior and grades. it means to much to me knowing if i wont have alot to work with, i can always go to their website the week before and print out a coupon for Kaydence’s good behavior. whether that is picking up after herself, acting like a musician, being visited by the tooth fairy or even having good grades (for the older kids). when we are done filling it out for the week, we take it to chuck e cheese and they give her ten free tokens! In america today, alot of ppl are stuggling and i just love the fact that they provide such a positive environment where KIDS CAN BE KIDS! as we speak i am trying to save as much money as i can to give my baby her birthday at chuck e cheese. she will be four in november and really wants it at one of her most favorite places on earth! its my goal to try to make this happen! thank you CHUCK E CHEESE for all the great times, memories, service, pictures, pizza and fun!!

  96. Sarah L

    I’ve never been to Chucky Cheese (gasp!)
    I’m winning this as a present for some friends.
    Thanks for the contest.

  97. amy pugmire

    we love chuck e cheese because its fun, entertaining, they have good food and its great bonding time with the family.

  98. Tabathia B

    They love earning tokens playing games for prizes
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  99. anash

    my family loves pizza and frieS! thanks for this giveaway
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com