Pretty lanterns made from a mason jar

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I am so excited to be a guest here today. I blog over at Posh Pieces about anything but Posh pieces. I am more of a thrifty shopper, DIY’er and crafter. I get my thrills from making over a dreadful piece to something that looks like a ‘Posh Piece’. When I am not thrifting, painting, or holding a hammer I am a mother to two beautiful kiddos that keep my head spinning nonstop.
I am sharing a little tutorial on outdoor or indoor glass jar lantern. I decided in the process of updating our back deck that we needed some pretty lighting so I made these super easy outdoor lantern / centerpieces.
Mason jars, or any glass jar with lid will work.
Flowers ( I chose fresh but silk would work too).
Battery operated candle.
Hot glue to secure the candle.
The first step was to figure out where you want your candle to be on the lid. I centered mine on the lid, and marked it.
Then I drilled a few little holes in the top of the lid so that when I mount the candle on the lid, I can still reach the on and off switch of the candle.
Then I used hot glue to secure the candle to the lid.
Gather your flowers and fill the vase however you would like. I did one vase with roses, and another with Russian sage and a small hydrangea.
I filled the vase with water about 2/3 of the way up.
Last is to put the lid back on and turn on the candle.
Easy wasn’t it?
The picture doesnt do them justice. They look beautiful in person, and would look stunning on a table as a centerpiece for a wedding, or bridal shower decoration. ( I plan on making a few more for an upcoming shower I am hosting)
Here they are in the window with the sun still out. You cant get the full affect of them here, but they are still pretty.
In the light here as well, and they are still so pretty.
Hope you enjoyed! Stop by for a visit sometime - Posh Pieces.
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