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A few of you recently asked about the lamp shade in the picture from the armoire makeover. I usually always have my camera with me when working on a projects so of course I’ll share them with you. Here is a tutorial on how to cover a lampshade with fabric:


First you’ll want to head to your closest thrift store and pick up a lampshade and stand. I found this lamp at goodwill on dollar day Thursdays and new some spray paint would clean it right up. Lime green it was!


I also found this lamp shade at goodwill for $1 as well. So it cost me about $2 bucks…not bad!


First you’ll want to cut out a piece of fabric that is about twice the length of your lamp shade. Then you’ll start at the lamp shades seam and trace the lamp shade (top and bottom) while rolling it, until you get back to the lamp shades seam. whew! Does that make sense?


It should end up looking something like this. You’ll want to cut it out leaving about a one inch border all the way around. Mine is definitely far from perfect, but it works. At this point you’ll want to iron your fabric if you haven’t already. If I was smart I would have done it before. lol


I didn’t take very many pictures during the next few steps, because let’s be honest trying to take a picture while hot gluing is never easy! I already end up with enough glue burns as it is! lol.


Basically you’ll want to start at the seam of the lamp shade and begin hot gluing your fabric. It’s best to take it a few inches at a time. You’ll want to make sure to smooth out the fabric as you go as well. When the fabric has covered the entire lamp shade you will tuck the fabric around the top and bottom edge. Then make sure to trim any excess fabric.


Next you’ll want to decorate the top and bottom edges with trim, lace, beads, fringe, etc to give it a finished look. I made a ruffle by taking a 1 in strip of fabric and sewing it with my longest stitch and tension. It curled right up as I sewed it.

adding trim to a lamp shade

Then I glued down the ruffle around the base of the lampshade.

covering a lamp shade

Then I added a flower and it was complete!  It’s far from perfect, but for my first lamp shade makeover I think it turned out pretty cute.
**UPDATE: To see more from the nursery click here.**

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14 Responses to “Lamp makeover!”

  1. The Autocrat: Haley

    Oh I love it! I really love funky painted items such as the lamp, for kids rooms. Looks stellar!

  2. Janet

    It turned out really cute. I would love to know how you made the flower.

    I tried my hand at a lamp makeover this week. It definitely was a craft fail. Its so bad that it is a big joke in our house now.

    I will be posting all the gory details this week. I am also going to try and salvage my lamps. I just need to find 2 new shades.

    All the Goodwills around here are cleaned out of brass lamps and no shades on any lamps.

    Its really cute.


  3. Erin

    That is more than pretty cute…that is FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC!!! :)

    I've been wanting to redo a lamp forever now! I have a shade I picked up not long ago….still sitting in the office floor. LOL

  4. Michelle M.

    So cute! I have a couple of brass lamps that I've been meaning to spray paint to put in my girls' rooms – this has inspired me to finally do it!

    PS – I found you through Tatertots & Jello :)