{Little blue night stand} & Painting knobs!

Remember this little piece I found at goodwill for $6? Remember how ugly and dirty it was!? I just finished the piece and I’m amazed not only how well it cleaned up but how much I LOVE the handles! More on the rest of the piece later….
Why invest in new hardware when all it needs is a a few coats of paint to make it look classy again?
First you need to remove the hardware and give it a good scrub. Next spray a light coat of primer on. Allow that coat to dry and then apply a thin coat of spray paint. *Make sure it says you can use on metal* After that coat is dry flip the handle on it’s back side so you can get all the corners you missed.


If you will be using your drawers a lot you may want to put a clear coat on top. I love the minwax polycrylic spray paint for this!
Imagine all the fun colors you could use! The possibilities are endless!
Hope you enjoy this little treasure as much as I do! Can’t wait to show you what else I did with it and the desk I just finished! Stay tuned! :)
**UPDATE: The finished nightstand is posted here.**
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