Magnet Board

So awhile back I decided I needed a “special” board just for announcements. I picked up a large open back wood frame at the craft store and then got a 12x 12 metal sheet from HD that slid right in.

First I painted the edge black…

Next I traced some black & white polka dot paper around the wood and then mod-podged it on. Then came a little distressing with paint. I think I got a little carried away with the paint! haha

Then I glued a 2 in ribbon across the top and layered some flowers to stick on.

Next came the flower magnets. I stuck two flowers together with a brad and then just hot-glued a magnet to the back.
Now I have somewhere to hang all my lovely announcements from my cute friends!
p.s. We are painting our kitchen cabinets this week! I’m so excited…th berown NEEDS to go! Wish me luck…and let me know if you have any advice! I’m a little nervous because A. painting is probably my biggest weakness when it comes to being crafty and B. I want them to look good…REAL good!
I’ll be posting pic’s next week….hopefully! ;)
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