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candle holder

So my candle was looking pretty bare on my kitchen table… and I decided it was time for a little makeover! Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the before…but just imagine a plain ol’ white candle sitting on a white table… pretty boring if you ask me!

trimming garland

First thing was to wrap the candle with a some garland. I picked up some from Jo-Ann’s on sale for $2. I cut off all of the leaves and threw those out. It was also easier to use smaller pieces when wrapping them around the candle.

wrapping garland

This part was pretty easy, all you need is a hot glue gun. I basically just started wrapping the garland around the candle and glued every few inches. Once I was all the way around I looked for spots that looked sparse and filled them in with more garland.

So the candle was done, and it still felt a little lonely. I had been looking for some sort of tray for awhile, but never had any luck. I’ve seen a lot of people do some fun things with old cupboard doors, so I figure I’d give it a shot! I found this cupboard at the Habitat Restore for $2. That place is great for stuff like this!

painting old cupboards

First I spray painted the whole thing white. Then I covered the middle with newspaper and spray painted the edges green. It was a little too green so I distressed the edges a little and added some ralph lauren glaze. making a tray

Then I bought two handles from HL and drilled them in. Black paint works great to cover nails! :)

tray for kitchen table

Yay now my candle doesn’t look so lonely!!

cute tray

So there you have it a cheap addition to my kitchen table! I’m really loving the green! :) Now go pick up an old cupboard from your local Habitat Restore and give it a try! Let me know how it goes!

tray for candle
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36 Responses to “Make a cute tray from an old cupboard!”

  1. Candy (Mama Lion)

    this looks fabulous. i love the way the flowers look around the white candle.

  2. Seasons of Life

    Jamielyn ~

    What a great idea and it looks fabulous! Well done…now I will look at cabinet doors in a whole new light. =)

    Blessings ~

  3. Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky

    I love this idea! Turned out gorgeous! I have a few doors in my garage…curb finds. Now I know what to do with them.

  4. Bonnie

    adorable! I had a huge pile of doors in the garage when we had built our house… sold them all at a garage sale, stink!

  5. Scribbler

    Great idea! It reminds me of one I made once with a wooden plaque from the craft store — it sold quickly. Reusing a cabinet door is a great idea. Black white and apple green is one of my favorite color schemes.

  6. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming

    Jamielyn – Love this project! The colors and added handles are perfect! The idea to use it as a centerpiece is fabulous! I featured this on the Sunday Showcase post. Stop by and grab a button if you like. Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. cindy @ cottage instincts

    This just makes me happy. LOVE green and white together, and I love how you repurposed the door.

    You'll get a feature :)

    So glad you could Mi4M!

  8. Kristy

    I love this idea! And I have a handful of cabinet doors that could be used for just such a project – thanks for sharing!

  9. Vivian

    I did this several years ago with a cabinet door but I converted it into a wall hanging by getting a piece of glass cut to fit the middle and placing dried flowers behind the glass

  10. Lynn Oates

    I LOVE this idea. I think I just came across my next project…that is if you don’t mind a copy cat?! It’s Beau-T-Ful!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes

      oh thank you!! I’d love for you’d to copy it :). I’d love to see pic’s if you finish one!


    the cupboard door could be used like you made and use it for a fancy serving tray for drinks or food also with the hadnles put them on the sides of it then.

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