Memory Board

We love pictures around our house…so of course I had to make one of these to hang all the cute pic’s up!
Sorry I didn’t take too many pictures while making it(it was before I had the blog). It’s pretty easy though. All you need is:
Large frame- keep the cardboard that comes in the frame
cute fabric
any other embellishments you want
staple and hot glue guns
First I took out the cardboard and glass out of the frame.
I tossed the glass, because I really didn’t need it. Then wrap the batting around the board and staple. Next wrap the fabric around the board and staple. Then take your ribbon and cross it over board by hot gluing it on the other side. Then Put brackets/pins/button in between the cross. I like to staple in between the cross as well, so it makes it tighter to hold pictures.
Then I put it back in the frame and wrapped a feather boa all around the edge.
I love it!
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