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Hello I {heart} naptime readers!
I am Delia from Delia Creates.

Today I’m going to share a holiday wreath that only costs $5 to make.

I should say $5 if you have a few things already on hand like I did, but don’t worry it’s mostly simple stuff like hot glue.
My moss wreath deviates a bit from what you would think of as a traditional Christmas wreath…
with all that moss and such, but I like that it would nicely transition into New Years without a hitch.
- Moss Wreath -
Materials:Plumber’s tubing – 2 pieces

scrap fabric/burlap or even some brown paper bags cut into strips

a few pieces of duct tape

hot glue – lots of hot glue

2 bags of moss from Dollar Tree

ribbons and embellishments -optional

spray adhesive and green spray paint – optional

Here’s what you do.
First off, stop by Home Depot and pick up some foam plumber’s tubing. I originally got the idea from pinterest which linked me here to the Penny Parlor. I ended up getting 2 tubes, one that was 97 cents and the other was $1.18 because it was slightly thicker.


Then I chopped the tubes up, duct taped them together, and stacked them. I had just a little bit of tubing left over when I was done.


I hot glued them together, stacking each tube layer slightly above the one before.


Then I took some burlap and scrap fabric and hot glued them to the wreath form.


I purchased two bags of moss from the Dollar Tree {two was PLENTY} and just hot glued it onto the wreath. When you glue it on think of it a bit like glitter. Glue it on, let it cool, and then shake off the excess.

Repeat…many, many, many times, being sure to fill in missing gaps as you go. Just to warn you…t makes a huge mess.

This step is optional, but if you have some spray adhesive, coat down the wreath and add more moss. Then add another layer of adhesive on top of that. I did this to help reduce shedding. It honestly, still does. I just give it a good shake before hanging it to help stave off excessive mess as you open and close the door.


This is also optional. I felt my moss wasn’t green enough so I grabbed some green spray paint from my stash – if you need to buy it, it’s just $1 at Walmart – and gave it a coat of green paint.

Let it dry, decorate as you please, hang…and enjoy. :)

My ribbon is actually 1/3 of a yard of poly satin from Hobby Lobby. It’s only $2.99/yd. so 1/3 yard was less than $1 and I did not use a coupon. Not bad.

I singed the edges with a candle flame to get rid of any fraying.



I had the two turtle doves {I think that’s what they are} already.

I almost added some berries to it as well, but my biologist husband remarked, “Yeah…moss berries?”

Thanks for helping me keep it real honey. :)


Merry crafting!

Thanks for having me Jamielyn.

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11 Responses to “Gorgeous Moss Wreath {CCC}”

  1. Meg Loop

    I love this! I actually have all of this at home right now. Except the turtle doves so I will have to go scout those. Great job. I love the moss with the satin. Great contrast!

  2. Sarah

    This looks so pretty! I like that you creatively used three tubes to make your wreath thicker than it’d be with only one. I love it tied up with that giant bow as well :)

  3. Trisha Baker

    Hi Jamielyn, “Hey, I found your post on your cute moss wreathe you made for under $5, and I love it!! I put it in my linky list on my blog post ( I know my readers will love your blog and I hope you’ll come by and meet me on mine!