Trend Spotting: the neon trend!

I am a girl who embraces neutrals. Like, they are my water. The vast majority of my wardrobe, home, and life is very safe. Very  bland.

While listening to some of my blog idols at SNAP {Jen, Lara, and Mandi} talk about trends, I realized that I needed to break out of my blah box. It is time to embrace some of the trends that are up and coming ladies! Now I’m not talking about dressing from head to toe neon. As fabulous as that sounds {not!}, to incorporate neon, the key is to adding just enough for it to make a statement, whether be in your home or with what you wear.

I’ve rounded 15 neon projects you can create to use the best touches of neon in your everyday life. Enjoy!

1. Neon Necklace from Song of Style   2. Neon Necklace DIY from What I Wore

3. Neon Clutch from Just B   4. Neon Belt from StyleCasterNews

5. Stripe Shirt from Henry Happened   6. Lace Neon Clutch from Because I’m Addicted

7. Glittered Neon Notecards from For The Love Of   8. Neon Planters from The Proper Pinwheel

9. Neon Painted Shoes from Love Maegan   10. Neon Canvas Tote from Lish!

11. Neon Cuffs from A Pair and A Spare   12. Neon Pyramid Necklace from Creme de la Craft

13. Neon Thumbtacks from Made By Girl   14. Neon Tablescape from Making It Lovely

15. Neon Manicure from Kayla Shevonne

So what do you think? Am I crazy or are you willing to take a chance on neon with me? I have loads more inspiration on all of my Pinterest boards and although I don’t have neon on my blog {yet!}, I’d love for you to head on over and say hi!

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