10 Photography tips to help edit your pictures!

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  8. 10 Photography tips to help you edit your pictures
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For a long while there, I was obsessed with scrapbooking. I loved adding all of the embellishments, using fancy scissors on the patterned papers, being over run with ridiculous amount of ribbon and adhesives, and having a lasting document to chronical what I valued as our most important family moments. Although I still love scrapbooking, I’ve come to a pretty epic revelation: I was so focused on the stuff around the pictures that I failed to take great pictures that I wanted to remember.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the best photography tips that I’ve found around the internet that will help you from starting to take awesome pictures all the way to how to edit them in Photoshop. These links cover some of the more basic aspects of photography; there are always more options and I have many more links on my Photography Genius Pinterest board.

{ Photography tips }

How to Shoot with Window Light via Blue Cricket Design

{Side note: Make sure to always have someone protecting the baby if you put him/her on a high surface!}

Hard Light Tutorial from Pioneer Woman

How To Improve Photography on the Web via Pioneer Woman 

Food Photography Tips from Sweet C’s Designs My *favorite* Portrait Editing Action plus Loads of Tutorials from The Coffee Shop Blog

Layer Tutorial from Kevin & Amanda

Pictures to Take on Baby’s First Day from Lil Sugar 

How to Make Subway Art in Photoshop from Saved By Love Creations


Photography and Photoshop Tips via The Idea Room

Photo Tips and Tricks via Pretty Handy Girl

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