Rose Petal Shirt & headband!

Here is a fun tutorial that I shared over at Someday crafts this past week. In case you missed it here it is! :)
I got my inspiration from this cute shirt from Anthropology. It’s cute… but $70 for a shirt is not exactly in my budget! I decided it looked easy enough to replicate…however I thought I would make one for my baby girl (due in October) instead.
 I found these onesies on sale for under $2 at Wall mart and Old Navy. I thought they could use a little more “frill” for my little girl!
I started out with some satin and organza fabric. Any sheered fabric works great as well. I cut them in circles ranging from 4 in down to 1 inches. Cut them down in 1/2 in increments. They don’t need to be perfect circles. Once you have them all cut, stack them up until you have a good size flower.
Then comes the fun part! You’re going to grab a a lighter or a candle and light the edges with fire. Just make sure to go slowly so they don’t burn to fast. ** Using a lighter will help not turn the edges so black.**
Once you have burned the edges they will curl up. Stack them with hot glue until you have a big full flower. Then add a rhinestone in the middle for a little extra bling.
Next your going to hot glue a velcro dot to the back. This way you can remove the flower when washing the shirt and use it as a hair flower as well.
Figure out where you want the flowers to lay on the shirt and add velcro dots.
Make sure to use sew tac when gluing the velcro to the shirt. This way when you wash it the velcro won’t fall off, and it will have an extra strong hold. Let it dry for a few hours before putting the flowers on.
Once the velcro has dried you can apply the flowers. I also add a little satin to the top of the shirt. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to put it on my baby girl!!

I also love that it has the velcro dots so you can interchange the flowers.

 Add a velcro dot with some hot glue to a head band or alligator clip and you can use the flower as a hair piece! You could really add the velcro dots anywhere… your flip flops, a purse….even a lamp! Get creative!
I love it on both shirts, but I think the white is my favorite with the fun headband!
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, I hope you’ll all try it out!
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