Kids shamrock crafts

shamrock crafts

Yesterday me and this little guy pulled out the craft paints to make some shamrock crafts. Have I mentioned how much this guy loves to craft with his mama?! He has so much fun working on the “big” table. This was such a fun little craft to work on for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course he had to do it “all by himself!” Thank goodness for washable paint. ;)

{ Kids shamrock crafts }
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shamrock crafts

All we did was cut a bell pepper in half, dip it in green paint and stamp it onto the paper. I remember making these as a little girl. So fun!

shamrock crafts You could draw little stems on the shamrocks after as well, but I thought his were cute just as they were.

shamrock crafts

His masterpiece is now hanging up in the art gallery…aka the fridge.

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