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Thank you SO much Jamielyn!So, a while back I made a Valentines Yarn Ball Garland, that seemed to be a hit with some folks, so I thought I’d give this project another shot, but with an Easter inspiration!
I adore twigs, yarn balls, pastel colours, birdhouses and eggs, and what better way is there than to tie them all together into one project!Here is a little tutorial on my Easter Inspired Yarn Ball & Twig Garland!Hope you enjoy it!

What you need:
yarn:  I used 2 different colours
styrofoam balls:  I used 3 different sizes (8 large, 6 medium, 5 small)
twigs:  mine are all about 2-3 feet long.  Have enough for the base, and a few extra to tuck in at the end.
embellishments:  I used tiny bird houses and easter eggs that I bought at Michaels.
glue gun
Let’s Get Started! 

1.  First, wrap the yarn balls.  Wrap, wrap wrap.  Secure with glue.
2.  Then I made some pompoms (5).  I make these really rough and quick:
Wrap the yarn around 2 fingers until you get a good amount of yarn (about 60 times).
Snip the yarn from the yarn ball, then carefully slide the chunk off of your fingers.
Then run a piece of yarn through the centre of the bunch.  Pull tight, and tie a knot.

Cut the outer edges of the bunch all the way around.

And then you have a cute little pompom!

3.  Next line up the twigs to make your base.
I lined them up the length I wanted my garland to span,
which was the approximate length of my fireplace mantle (about 6 feet).
Remember to keep some extra twigs for tucking in after all the balls & stuff are attached.
4.  Secure your base of twigs using what ever you wish.
I just used twine and knotted it into bows.
I tied them around the bunch of twigs, about every foot or so, to keep them all together.

5.  Now it’s time for the fun stuff, putting it all together!
I find the best way to get started doing this, is to line up all your balls, pompoms and embellishments, along your base, approximately where you want them.

6.  Using my glue gun, (and for the first time ever, I did not burn myself!!) I secured the biggest yarn balls on first, then went from there.  I put all the balls on, then the eggs, then the birdhouses, and filled in spaces with the pompoms.

7.  You are almost done!  Once everything is glued on, step back and look for gaps.

Fill er’ up with your extra twigs – this makes it look so rustic and spring-y!  Especially if you are lucky enough to have pussy willows right now!  We however do not, but these twigs are perfect – homegrown and brought specially to me by my mom!

Voila, you are done!

A view of the garland on my mantle.
Love how rustic and soft it looks!
A close up!  
I wrapped the yarn balls 2 different ways – one randomly, and the other a little more precise.
Aren’t the little eggs and bird houses so cute!
Then for extra fun, I tucked in these little cutie-pie chicks!  Seriously so cute!
Thanks again so much!  Come by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs sometime!
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