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candy hearts

There’s something about conversation hearts I just love. They aren’t necessarily my favorite candy to eat, but they are just to cute…so I always end up buying some. I wanted to make some sort of valentine with all the candy I bought… so this is what I came up with.


I bought some sparkling pomegranate at Fresh and Easy a few months back and decided they needed to get opened up.  After the pop was gone I rinsed them out and took off the sticker labels. They were pretty sticky still so I had to use some goo gone to get it all off. Worked like a charm!

bottle craft

Make sure to let the bottles dry overnight to make sure all the water has evaporated.

homemade valentines day gifts

After I filled up the jars with candy I added a little tulle to add a little more frill. Then I printed some “conversations” out with my Silhouette and stuck those on too.

Now you have a fun treat to give your Valentine! ;)

*P.S. I’ve been trying to shoot in manual mode on my new camera, so these pictures are far from perfect… but practice makes perfect right?*

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