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3 things… which happen to be very important…well kind of

{1} banana dippers…have you tried them?! they are the perfect treat and only 100 calories. why didn’t i find these sooner?

 {2} i love everything about this picture. the tutu swimsuit…the polka dot  sunglasses…and especially the banana peel on the floor. just keeping it real! ;)

{3} silhouette informed me today that EVERYTHING (okay well not the cameo-sorry folks) will be 40%off. woo woo! this is a great time to stock up on products. just use NAPTIME at check out and you’ll get a pretty sweet discount. hurry folks… this deal won’t last long and only happens twice a year.

so tell me… am i the only one with banana peels on the floor?

goodnight friends… xo

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11 Responses to “{3} things…”

  1. Britney Gulbrandsen

    1. I have to try those dippers! They look delicious and Ryan would love them, too!

    2. I’m DYING over the tutu swimsuit. I NEED A BABY GIRL! :)

    3. I don’t usually have banana peels on the floor because I remove the peel from the banana before I give it to my kid. However, I do find half eaten bananas on the floor here and there. Haha.

  2. Sarah Brownlow

    Yay I’ve been waiting for a good deal to stock up on vinyl. Thank you! Those banana dippers look yummy too.

  3. Stacy

    Just found one in my sons’ room yesterday! Wish I could say it was still yellow like the one in your picture. ; )

  4. Heather

    Those bananas look so yummy, I have to look for them.

    My daughter has the same bathing suit minus the banana peel (awesome!)

  5. Megan

    I totally read banana diapers and I was like what the heck! hahaha I may have to check out the dippers though!

  6. Mauri

    Those banana dippers sound SO GOOD!! And that pic of Emmalyn is so stinkin’ cute! I also wish I had a silhouette :) Maybe one day!