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I have to say my least favorite time of year is the cold and flu season. I’m a germ freak, so whenever I go out I wipe down everything. Do you get that way? I’m so grateful stores now carry disinfectant wipes, so I can wipe down the cart before shopping. Of course I always carry disinfectant in my purse as well. With young kids, you just never know what they are picking up, so it’s always best to be prepared. I’m excited to be apart of a three part series program for Children’s Mucinex. Come back for tips on keeping children smiling and entertained when they have the sick day blues through the month. Today I have a few tips on dealing with the cold and flu season.

5 tips

  1. Slow down. I know it’s super hard to get kids to actually slow down but I have found by doing puzzles, coloring activities and watching Disney movies I have been able to get them to rest.
  2. Wash hands regularly to stop the germs from spreading and avoid getting more people sick.
  3. Drink lots of liquids, mostly water.
  4. Be patient and give yourself a “sick day” so you can recover.
  5. Get enough sleep. This will help empower the immune system.

Even though there are ways to deal with the cold or flu, children still do unfortunately still get sick. During the “sick” months, I make sure to always have Children’s Mucinex on hand. It is great way to relieve symptoms of colds or flu, if your kids do get sick. Mucinex is the #1 doctor recommended OTC expectorant among Internists, General Practitioners and Family Practitioners. I’ve found the mini melts for kids work great for coughs as well. It really is no fun to see my kids sick, so I’m glad there are a few things to help. I also love that my kids are extra snuggly. It’s probably the only time they’ll snuggle up to me on the couch.

When your child has a bad cold, you both can feel miserable. Children’s Mucinex is the #1 children’s brand for relieving congestion* and provides fast acting relief from your child’s worst cold symptoms. Try Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold if your child needs relief from stuffy nose and chest congestion. Always use Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold as directed. (*Based on IRI unit share data for the 52 weeks ending November 2012)



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132 Responses to “Tips on dealing with the cold and flu season -CLOSED”

  1. Beth A.

    My boys love to pick what’s for dinner when they are sick. It is one way I can guarantee they will eat at least a couple bites (neither one will eat much when sick).

  2. Lauren

    Hugs and kisses! Also, we make ice pops together using 100% fruit juice and a banana. Healthy, refreshing and delicious! It’s fun bonding and my kids love it! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your other posts! Thanks Children’s Mucinex! Great product.

  3. Jamie Larsen

    My babies love to just watch a movie or color when they’re sick.. sometimes that doesnt help and they just wanna be held by mommy or daddy

  4. Kelly D

    When my kids are sick I usually give them a new coloring book, so we can color together or play Tic Tac Toe. They love these activities.

  5. amyinsc

    My little ones like to bring their favorite pillow and blanket downstairs, snuggle on the couch, and watch cartoons.

  6. keshakeke

    My daughter loves to cuddle and watch silly movies. Even though she is not feeling well, she still enjoys the snuggle time and attention! I love to give it to her too!

  7. Brandi

    My children love playing with Playdoe Even when they are sick they are still really busy so this gets them to sit and have some relaxing time.

  8. Kyla

    My little bear loves to color on large pieces of draft paper taped to the wall. He smiles when he walks by and shows me what he made.

  9. Leia

    Movies, snuggles & playing with his cars- he loves to make up conversations between the cars.

  10. Linda Cosentino

    Hugs, kisses and warm freshly baked cookies always help make my daughter feel better!

  11. Leslie

    My son enjoys resting on the couch with a good show while getting his back rubbed. Mom is right there rubbing his back while reading her book :)

  12. barbara n

    My kids just want to lay on the couch and watch movies…and they get to eat and drink in the Living room (which isn’t usually allowed :)

  13. Tracey F

    My littles love to snuggle with their dad or me and watch some tv when they are sick.

  14. Kala

    Just holding them while laying on the couch watching cartoons or movies and eating some special foods

  15. Crystal

    When I’m sick, I love curling up on the couch under a blanket and watching I Love Lucy or Doris Day movies and that my husband and daughters (both older teenagers) take care of the house and me.

  16. Jen

    My kids love a day off from school and chores and love watching movies all day. I also like to have popsicles to offer, helps keep them hydrated and sweet!

  17. Pamela Gifford

    Construction paper, glue and scissors. We have endless creations and lots of fun.

  18. Melissa M

    My kids always liked to snuggle with me on the counch watching their favorite Disney movies or in the bed with me.

  19. Karen

    No children yet, but as I am a child at heart, I love snuggling up in a blanket and watching TV, especially I Love Lucy. Always cheers me up.

  20. Lindsey R

    My kids love playing games, baking oatmeal cookies and relaxing! What a fun program and great tips!

  21. Brenna S

    My 3 kids enjoy napping and watching tv when they are sick. Typically between sports, after school activities and homework they don’t get to watch any tv so it’s a treat! My youngest who is 5 likes to snuggle when she is sick. I definitely love that!

  22. Karen S.

    Thanks for all the great tips on trying to stay well. I agree with them all. We are all on the go sometimes and forget to rest. My 8&11 year old both slow down when they are sick and just usually stay in bed, drink lots of liquids and read books.

  23. Susan Smith

    My kids like laying in our bed watching a movie or cartoons when they aren’t feeling well

  24. Sonya Morris

    It always makes my child smile by playing board games and watching their favorite shows while snuggling on the couch when they are not feeling well. I love the extra snuggling!

  25. Ashley

    My little boy loves his stuffed puppy dog when he doesn’t feel good. He just cuddles it all day.

  26. Heather Corona

    When my daughter is sick, she always asks for homemade chicken soup! It’s my aunt’s recipe… the smell and warmth of the soup with noodles and oyster crackers twice a day does the trick. What makes it fun is to serve it in a mug, just like my mom used to do for me…easy to hold the handle and sip!

  27. KM

    My 3-year-old doesn’t slow down, even when she is sick, so playing outside cheers her up. My baby on the other hand loves to be held… all day.

  28. Wild Orchid

    My son loves to cuddle with me and his favorite blanket while watching his favorite movies when he is feeling under the weather.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  29. Julie

    Putting her dollhouse at couch level so she can play and rest at the same time makes her smile.

  30. Anastasia

    Getting comfy and snuggling on the couch while watching their favorite tv shows :)

  31. syy

    My little cousin likes making storybooks and watching movies when she’s under the weather, not at the same time though :D
    songyueyu at gmail

  32. angie lilly

    If they are sick but not too sick, baking their favorite iced sugar cookies is always a fun option!

  33. Sarah L

    No kids. I sleep as much as possible, drink lots of water and hot herbal tea and use essential oils.

    Thanks for the contest.