One of the best ways to celebrate birthday

So I’m not going to lie… I’m still recovering from Emmalyn’s First Birthday I posted about yesterday. That was my FIRST and probably LAST big party for awhile. lol! I decided 1,8, 12 and 16 will be the BIG Birthdays I throw. For the other years we’re keeping it simple. And do you know what? I think I prefer the simple way to celebrate birthdays. :)

This year my son celebrated his third birthday! I asked my face book friends (here) when the terrible two’s would be over and you all said 3 is much worse. “Bring you to your Knees 3’s”,  “torrential threes”, “horrible 3’s”, “tantrum 3’s”, “defiant threes”, and ” tyrannical threes” are some of the answers that I got. How can it get worse than this and this?  I’m doomed. ;)



I want my kids to feel *EXTRA* special on their birthdays.  This year I decided I would start the tradition of taping streamers to the door and filling the ground with balloons. My son LOVED the balloons! He was thrilled when he saw them and played with them all day long. Cheap entertainment I tell ya’!


He even carried EVERY-single-balloon out to the trampoline. He jumped with those balloons for a good hour and didn’t even stop for a cupcake.

This was our convo…

ME: Carson will you take a picture holding your Birthday cupcake?

Carson: la la la.. not even paying attention

ME: Do you want to EAT a cupcake?

Carson: Grabs the cupcake and gives me a cheesy grin… then hands back the cupcake. {Shocker!}

ME: Thanks!

Carson: Continues jumping while I take some pictures of the cupcakes. What a mom-blogger! ;)

Later that afternoon we headed to grammas and papas house to celebrate birthday time! We had pizza, roasted giant marshmallows and did some hot tubbing! Carson said he had the BEST Birthday!


See sometimes simple is better… and just so you know… those easy cupcakes were made with confetti cake! All I did was frost the tops, roll the sides in sprinkles, put a life saver on top and stuck a candle in the middle. Thanks Pillsbury for the great idea! I thought they turned out so cute!

So there you have

it… one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday! Balloons, cupcakes and family!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

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