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Mirror Makeover

Hey Silhouetters!  I am Mandi from Vintage Revivals and I am freakin excited to be here!! This is one of my favorite projects that I did for The Nate Show and I am so excited to be over here at Silhouette today sharing it with you!

You will need:

A framed mirror (make sure the mirror isn’t older than 1980’s, if you are unsure you can have them cut at any glass store for really cheap)

Paint Stripper

Muriatic Acid

Silhouette Premium Vinyl

Silhouette Transfer Sheet

Silhouette Hook Tool

Silhouette Scraper Tool

Spray Adhesive



Start with your framed mirror.  This is one that I found at the thrift store for $2.00.

Silhouette Acid Mirror 038


Take the backing off of your frame

Silhouette Acid Mirror 042


Carefully remove the mirror, take it outside and place it face down on a soft surface.  (I used a towel cause hello you can totally wash it!)

Put a big glob of stripper on the back of it and spread it around with a paint brush.

Silhouette Acid Mirror 047


Let it sit for about 15 min.  Every mirror that you do will be different.  On some the paint comes off really easily and on others you have to scrape it off.  There is no way of knowing which its going to be…sorry!!  But its sort of like a secret birthday surprise finding out what happens!

On this particular mirror the under layer of paint was red and it came off really easily.

See how the back side of the mirror is reflective?

Silhouette Acid Mirror 051


Hang on let me clean it off…..

Silhouette Acid Mirror 052


Much better!! Not all of the paint needs to come off and its alright.

Next I used Madonna my Silhouette to cut out my design. I used the moroccan pattern design.


Once I carefully peeled off the negative space I used the greatest invention since sliced bread. The Hook Tool to get the rest of the negative space out. I kid you not this thing is awesome.


Silhouette Acid Mirror 058


Then I used the Transfer Paper and Scraper to transfer it onto the back side of the mirror. Take it outside…now its time for the fun part!


Silhouette Acid Mirror 066


Put on your neoprene gloves and very carefully spray some muriatic acid on the back of your mirror. (Muriatic acid is used to neutralize pool water and can be found at Home Depot or Lowes)Make sure that you have a hose on so that you can quickly rinse the acid off.

Depending on your mirror (once again they are all different) the acid will start to eat away the reflective coating.  Sometimes it works really fast and sometimes it works really slow. Rinse it off after 5 or so seconds and see if it is working. If it seems like nothing is happening put more on and wait until you can start to see where it is eating it. The dark spot in the picture below is what it looks like when it starts to work.

Silhouette Acid Mirror 068


Once your mirror looks the way that you want it to rinse it and dry it off. Peel off any loose pieces of vinyl.  Use your favorite kind of spray adhesive.  I love Krylon’s.


Silhouette Acid Mirror 073

After its been sprayed lay your fabric face down on the back of the mirror. That way you can see the fabric through the empty spots!

Silhouette Acid Mirror 092

Silhouette Acid Mirror 086

Silhouette Acid Mirror 087

Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!



Now come on over to Vintage Revivals for a chance to win all of the Silhouette Supplies that I used AND this awesome mirror! I am also having a giveaway for a FREE ROOM MAKEOVER!  Anywhere in the US (except Hawaii and Alaska) its going to be EPIC!!

Love Your Guts



Go check out the Silhouette Blog for more vinyl fun!

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