Vintage Lace Cuff

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!

Today I’m going to show you how to make one of these fun vintage lace cuffs. They are super cute and easy to make. I promise you’ll get tons of compliments out on your hot date!

Supplies Needed:

  • Stretchy Lace (Found at HL or Jo-Ann’s)
  • felt
  • 1 pearl
  • satin, or scrap fabric
  • tulle
  • hot glue

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!


  • Cut lace to desired length. I measured around my wrist and 51/2 in. was perfect.
  • Then cut lace to desired width. The lace was a little wide for my taste, so I trimmed it down to 2 in. following the same scalloped pattern.


    STEP 2:

    Cut (6) 1 1/2 in circles for the flower and (1) 1 1/2 in circle for the base. I used satin fabric for the circles.

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!

STEP 3 (Making the flower):

  • Fold circle in half. Place a little dab of glue in right corner and fold corner in meeting in the middle.
  • Flip circle over and then add a little glue to the right corner and fold in to create a slice of pie!
  • Repeat 6 times. :)

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!


  • Glue the 6 pieces onto the “base” circle creating a whole (yummy FRESH strawberry) pie!

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!


  • Add pearl to center of flower and a little tulle underneath if desired.
  • Glue lace to felt piece and then hot glue the flower down covering the seam.DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!

Now Enjoy your fun new vintage lace cuff!

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!

Photos by Captured Photography

DIY vintage lace cuff on -made for $1!

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So are you going to make one?!

 I think they are super cute! :)

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