Christmas yard nativity {DIY craft}


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Hey, hey, hey I {Heart} Nap Time readers! I am THRILLED to be guest posting here today! Jamielyn and I go waaaay back. She rocks.

My name is Brooke and I’m the blogger behind the scenes at All Things Thrifty where I post home décor projects and tutorials about how to decorate in thrifty ways! In a nutshell, my husband and I are extreme DIYers. We love to makeover rooms, paint everything in sight, and we have hundreds of tutorials for you too! ! We are excited to be here today!




Most of the crafting around our house involves power tools. We particularly love our jigsaw. Today I’m going to give you a FREE pattern to make this fun DIY yard Christmas nativity set yourself!

I feel like the holidays come in a whirlwind, and they will be gone before I can blink. So, this year I am bound and determined to be prepared, and I started on my outdoor décor early. My friend Judy has a nativity set just like these, and she gave me permission to make a set of my own. I love friends like that!

Isn’t this set darling!?! I love how simple it is and the nativity characters look classy and modern.


The nativity set is also super festive and a great reminder of what the holidays are really about. I need that reminder too. Hustle and bustle can get the best of all of us this time of year, right?


All you need is:

  • Two 4’X8’ sheets of 1/2 inch ply wood, I had the folks at Home Depot cut the boards in half for me
  • Three cans of Rustoleum Gold Metallic Spray paint

  • One dowel for the Shepard’s Cane

  • Three 1X2X8 boards and a way to cut them

  • Nine hinges

  • a Jigsaw {we recommend using a corded jigsaw instead of a cordless jigsaw, the batteries go fast}.

  • Six clear transparencies

  • and an overhead projector


After you have gathered your supplies, you need to print out the pattern for the nativity {found below} onto transparencies and use an old school overhead projector to trace the bad boys onto the wood. If you live in Southern Utah, you can come over and trace mine {seriously I wouldn’t mind a bit}.



Then, with your trusty jigsaw, cut out those bad boys. If you have a handy hubby, he will be super excited to help. {ahem, hopefully}






They will look something like this when you get them cut out.


Then take your spray paint and coat those bad boys with gold. I used Rustoleum metallic gold. I only needed 3 cans to do both the front and backs of the entire set.




Then you need to install hinges and boards on the back for your nativity characters to stand up with. Cut the boards as long as you need them {depending on your yard incline}, and stand them up in their spots.



Don’t forget to paint the dowel and stick it in the ground by the Shepard’s arm.

Voila! Your house will be the favorite in your neighborhood this holiday season!

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Thanks Jamielyn for inviting us to your site today. xoxo.

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3 comments on “Christmas yard nativity {DIY craft}”

  1. How large or tall I should say was your tallest nativity character, we are wondering the proportions inorder to get everything cut from two 4’x8’s.

  2. I have made a nativity scene using the patterns that you have on your site. I really like it and wanted to thank you for the design. Would love to send you a photo if you would reply with your email.

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