The Ultimate Washi Tape Giveaway CLOSED


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Are you as OBSESSED with Washi Tape as we are? Silly question, right?!! Of course you are! I am so excited to team up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Washi Tape giveaway! We will be giving away 50, yes, FIFTY rolls of WASHI TAPE! {go ahead and do a happy dance, we’ll wait here for you!} Washi tape is one of the hottest products around! You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest. Well, now is your time to get your hands on 50 rolls of this coveted tape! Its the perfect way to start your collection…or if you’re already a Washi Hoarder, a fantastic way to fuel your addiction!

Washi Tape Giveaway

washi tape giveaway

Can you imagine having 50 rolls of adorable decorative tape to plaster all over your crafts, cards, buntings, and, umm, house? Yeah, we thought so! We know how much we love Washi Tape, so we thought we’d share the love with our favorite readers…..YOU!!


A HUGE shout out to Downtown Tape for providing the Washi Tape prize for this giveaway! Downtown Tape carries so many different patterns of washi tape, your head will spin! They have everything from; stripes to polka dots to florals to random prints. You’re sure to find washi tape to fit your needs at Downtown Tape!

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The Ultimate Washi Tape Giveaway

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Good luck!!   **Please note: The washi tape prints in the giveaway prize may vary from those pictured in this post.** *This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Pinterest. We hereby release Pinterest of any liability. The giveaway sponsor, Downtown Tape, will ship the prize within 14 days of the end of the giveaway. Giveaway starts Monday, May 13th at midnight pm EST and ends Sunday, May 19th at midnight EST. Once the giveaway ends, winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter and contacted within 24 hours by email. This post will be updated with winners’ names once we’ve heard back from them. Winners will need to respond within 72 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Open to U.S. residents only. Must be 18 years old or older to enter.*

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126 comments on “The Ultimate Washi Tape Giveaway CLOSED”

  1. Have never tried washi tape, but would like too!

  2. I would love to win these!! So many possibilities :)

  3. jennifer miller Reply

    i love to use washi to decorate jars and wooden letters. so pretty!

  4. never tried it. but i’d love to

  5. I can’t find washi tape where I live. It makes me very sad. :-(

  6. I have never used it but would love to try!!

  7. I would LOOOOOVE to win this tape. So many cute things to do with my Achievement girls group

  8. My washi tape collection is pretty small right now, so I would love to add to it!

  9. I would love to win some washi tape!!

  10. I need this to take back home to Brazil with me!!!! love it

  11. Love Washi Tape… what a great give-away!

  12. I have only used it on a ipad cover. I need more!

  13. I haven’t tried it yet. Waiting for an order to arrive.

  14. I love Washi Tape. I have a couple of rolls and I love it. My problem is that there is so many that I love. I can never choose. I want to buy it all up.

  15. I use it for scrapbooking and crafts! :)

  16. Super excited to try Washi Tape. Been trying to find some, but no such luck :( This would be perfect!!

  17. Ooops-sorry about first mistake entry–I use Washi for cards, bookmarks, and crafts with our Grandchildren. This is a fabulous give away…

  18. I plan on using tons of washi tape in our wedding next Spring!!(cocktail stirrers, stationary, etc)

  19. Gift wrapping and card making. Crafts with the kids. Holiday crafts and decorations!

  20. Can you believe it? I’ve NEVER used it before! I’m dying to try some though!

  21. I want to use it for cards, wreaths, picture frames, and my twin daughters “wonderland” room

  22. I haven’t used Washi Tape yet…but I REALLY want to!

  23. lisa@ Cooking with Curls Reply

    I have never used washi tape before. in fact, I had never heard of it until about a month ago. I would love to check it out :)

  24. I’ve never used Washi tape before (gasp-I know!), so this would be a great way to get me started!

  25. I use washi tape on everything. The washi tape is excellent on cards, layouts, albums, etc. I hope to win!!!

  26. (Raises hand in mock shame…) Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a Washi-holic. I hoard and hoard and only use when the project is right and worth my washi tape!

  27. the possibilities are endless!!!

  28. Oh what I wouldn’t do!

  29. I love arts & crafts but I have not tried Would love to try some.

  30. I am new to the Washi Tape craze… I can only envision on using it on anything crafty to FUN it up. Would love to win!

  31. Decorating my daughter’s bookcases. Love all the possibilities

  32. I use it for card making, scrapbooking, to post things on my calendar, crafting and more. Love washi tape!

  33. Jamie!!!!! What a GREAT Honor it is to see my sweet Cousin on The Internet!! I LOVE Washi tape! I have so many ideas on this great giveaway!!!
    Love, Jenny

  34. Washi tape is wonderful! My poor husband, I decorate everything that can be decorated. His shoes may be next…

  35. I don’t use washi tape because I don’t have any! That’s why I need to win this giveaway!

  36. I love using washi tape to make my packages cute before I ship them. I make jewelry and the washi tape just makes the kraft boxes look extra cute!

  37. This stuff is sweeter than candy!!

  38. I’ve actually never used it. But I really want to!

  39. Michelle Williams Reply

    I cannot wait to try it! Pinterest has sparked my interest with all the cool uses.

  40. love to use it on notebook tabs!

  41. What don’t I use it for :) Dressing up tea lights…. organizing my planner & calendar…. beautifying envelopes… making cards… and the list goes on!

  42. I use it to seal envelopes

  43. So excited…wish I cud win. Can’t wait to try my hands on some new project :-)

  44. So excited…wish I cud win. Can’t wait to try my hands on some new project :-)

  45. I haven’t used washi tape yet!! I know, where have I been?!

  46. Cute! I have so many projects in mind for this sticky stuff!

  47. I’m a bit obsessed with Washi Tape. It’s genius. My favorite thing I’ve done with them is cover those wire twist bag holders in them and they look so freaking cute!

  48. I can’t wait to try it…sure it will be my new obsession!

  49. Kristinia Andrews Reply

    I have never used it before, but really want too!

  50. awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance. i love washi & use it often in scrapbooking!!!!

  51. I would SOOO love to win this!!!

  52. I have never used Washi tape before, but I would love to try some!

  53. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t have any!

  54. I use it for organizing cords, decorating my laptop and desktop monitor, marking calendars, gift wrap . . . yeah, pretty much EVERYTHING!

  55. Yeah, baby! I’d so LOVE this mound of Washi Tape!!!

  56. I only have one roll so far and I used it for a border on a card:) would love to win!

  57. I like using Washi to tag things in recipe books and things. My daughter will use it to decorate her electronics!

  58. To cover anything unsightly!

  59. This washi tape looks amazing! Love the patterns and colors!!!

  60. Thanks for the giveaway! How Fun!

  61. This is awesome, but what about us Canadian crafters…I have been dying to try thus tape. Have heard so much about it. Darnit!!!

  62. I’m just discovering the awesome uses for Washi Tape and Id love some of your help to get started!

  63. Fabulous giveaway! I use it for random stuff, bookmarks are the latest ;)

  64. Awesome giveaway! Hope I win…. ;)

  65. Never used washi tape before but I am DYING to have this amazing package!! I know I would use it for everything!

  66. I only have one roll. It has the print “Made with LOVE” and I use a little cut of it on all the cards and paper crafts I make.

  67. I haven’t had the pleasure of using it before…so you should pick me!

  68. thank you so much i didnt see my post so i try agan i make cards just for few ppl who need to me tolded there not forgot and there loved i sure will have fun if i win thank you,

  69. I will use it for my diaper cakes and cards, but also I’ll use them in different projects. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to win!…Where do I send you my US address? :-) Thank you sooooooooooo o much

  70. The possibilities are endless. But I’ve used it to cover pencils, to hang my daughter’s drawings, to embellish frames, gifts, and everything I can get my washi tape into!!! ;)

  71. I have never used Washi tape! I would love to try them. I had made homemade spa products for mothers day to give to all the mamas in my life. The Washi tape would of been a cute addition to the jars.

  72. Can’t wait!

  73. I have never used washi tape, but i will :)

  74. I have never used washi tape before. I cant wait to get my hands on some

  75. Marilyn Tucker Reply

    I use on cards and scrapbook pages. I only have one roll so I haven’t used it on anything else yet.

  76. Only heard of this here… can’t wait to try it!!

  77. What a Fabulous giveaway! I am addicted to washi as well. What can’t you use it on? I’m also addicted to Pinterest, so I’m really excited to have some new creative ladies to follow!

  78. I am new to using Washi tape, but I love to decorate my envelopes with it.

  79. Washi Tapre seems really cool! I have never used it but I am DYING to! I’ve seen lots of cute crafts on Pinterest and I want to try it out!

  80. I’ve never used Washi Tape but I keep seeing various projects that use it. Honestly…I just love to look at it! LOL It looks so yummy.

  81. I love using it on invitation cards

  82. I use Washi Tape for everything! I have been on a kick lately decorating wooden cutouts (owls, crosses, letters, etc. – courtesy of Hobby Lobby & Michaels). A few strips of Washi, a coat of Mod Podge and I have a simple, inexpensive gift for someone.
    My favorite use, though, was my hubby breaking into my stash to label some keys! Gotta love a man that appreciates Washi!

  83. I love washi tape!!

  84. I love recycling chocolate tins, or jars and using spray paint and washi tape to make them look fun and cheerful!

  85. I have never used this awesome tape before. However, I have wanted to in the worst way!!! Yay for this giveaway!

  86. I would use all of this tape to color code school supplies and maybe get some inspiration from Pinterest too!

  87. I love Washi tape. I use it on cards, scrapbook layouts and home decor. The better question should be what don’t I use it on.

  88. Such a cute prize, so grateful for the chance to win! Thank you!

  89. Taking a break from classes, I could have a ball with them all!

  90. I use it to package presents for friends, tape pictures to the wall, in scrap booking and as bunting in mini dioramas!

  91. i have never used it, can’t wait to try

  92. Believe it or not, I have never used washi tape before! But I did recently get some in the mail and I can’t wait to try it out!!

  93. I have never used it before but am excited to try it!

  94. ive never used it but i have seen alot of different designs and would like to get started.

  95. Just recent was my first time using Washi Tape, which I used decorate some wooden cutlery for my engagement party. Love that a simple bit of washi tape bring a unique finishing touches to thing. Would really love to get my hands on some different colours and experiment

  96. I use it mostly on my Smash book but also love to use it on packages!!

  97. I’m so excited about this give away, I can think of so many ideas I can do with them!!

  98. I plan on using it for the new wooden utensils!!!adorable

  99. I have NEVER used it! Lame, I know…

  100. I use it and I love it and I really wanted to have more. There’s so many possibilities I can do these with! :)

  101. Wow can’t believe it! I love washi tapes!!^^

  102. I have seen so many ideas to use washi tape but have had a chance to yet.

  103. I love using washi tape in card making, scrapbooking and gift wrapping!

  104. I use washi tape for packaging etsy orders and making cute little thank you cards!

  105. Rebecca Steele Reply

    I use washi to decorate EVERYTHING!

  106. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I use washi tape for making cards :) it adds that great pop of colour to them!

  107. I use washi tape in my PL layouts, I use it to hang things on the wall, on notecards, to package things from my Etsy shop. Love washi!

  108. I seen beautiful thing made with the tape. I like try it, but hard to get out and shop. I live Nursing Home. I many crafts here for employees and friends.

  109. I would love to use it to decorate my light switches

  110. I don’t own any washi tape so it would be fun to win!

  111. I have never used it but would love too!

  112. Barbara Martin Reply

    I have never used it. Dying to try!

  113. scrapbooking!!

  114. Deborah Esposito Reply

    I have one roll which I have used for many things — would love to expand my inventory! Thx for the giveaway!

  115. I haven’t had a chance to use Washi Tape but I would use to decorate picture frames!

  116. Washi Tape is so FUN!

  117. I have never used this. I would love to have some and learn how to use them.

  118. I used washi tape to cover the boring edges on the wooden backings of my vintage mirrors. I just get a glimpse of the colourful edges now they are hung back on the wall. I need more tape to do the rest;-p Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. Love washi

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