Anthropologie Inspired Sweater


Hello! My name is Autumn, and I blog at It’s Always Autumn. Today I’m going to share an Anthropologie inspired up-cycle project.

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

Anthropologie sells a sweater called the ruffled hem pullover. From the front it looks like a normal sweater with the addition of a cute ruffled hem, but things get more exciting in the back, with a contrast panel and pretty little bow. I’ve never actually purchased something from Anthro, but I love using their clothes as inspiration for upcycling thrift store finds.


Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

I kind of wish my sweater had long sleeves like the original, but hey, for $80 less, I’ll take it!


If you’d like to make a ruffled hem pullover, you’ll need:

  • a lightweight sweater
  • about half a yard of another lightweight. I used a very lightweight muslin that was 108 inches wide – with a coupon 1/2 a yard came to less than $3. If you use a different material that’s only 45 inches wide you may want a full yard.

Here’s what you’ll do:

 Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

Be careful when sewing the white panel into your sweater that you don’t stretch the sweater. A long stitch length will help.

Next you’ll create and attach the back ties:

 Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

Now we just need to add the ruffled hem.

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

(Before gathering, put pins at each side and center front and center back of the ruffle. Place pins at the same points on the sweater. Gather the ruffle, then match pins and even out the ruffles before continuing.)

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

If the sweater gets a little stretched out along the hem just press it with a lot of steam to help it shrink back to it’s normal size. That’s it! New life for an old sweater.

Anthropologie Inspired Sweater

I hope you’ll visit It’s Always Autumn for more tips and tutorials.

AutumnI am a stay at home mom to five kids, wife to a college professor/triathlete, and contributing writer for Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I wash dishes while helping with homework, read while pushing kids on the swings, and craft during naptime. I love sewing, baking, scrapbooking, photography, Jane Austen, dark chocolate ice cream and thrift store, and I hate laundry.

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22 comments on “Anthropologie Inspired Sweater”

  1. Oops, didn’t realize how to comment on this, that’s why the first one is blank. live and learn! Great project. I can’t imagine paying $88 dollars for a piece of clothing like this. $8 is much more tempting for me. : ) Just a thought, you could sew the ties in while you are attaching the center panel and it would look even more intentional. Thanks for the tutorial, I’m pinning now. : )

  2. So cute! Love your version.

  3. Oops…hit the button too fast. Anyhow, just wanted to say that is a super cute idea! Thanks!

  4. Super cute!! Pinning it!!

  5. I love anthro, but can rarely afford it :( Super cute! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. Love this! I adore a good refashion and this is just gorgeous and totally doable!

  7. I’m truly inspired! Thank you for making this so EASY!

  8. What a fabulous project! I like Autumn’s copy even more than the original! Thanks for sharing this.

    Warmly, Michelle

  9. Clever… thanks for sharing!

  10. This is adorable, and I’ll probably do this after the new year. I think most people have a nautical top in their wardrobe that could use some refashioning!

  11. This is so cute!! I can’t wait to try it! :-) thanks!

  12. I prefer your version to the Anthro one, great job! :) The instructions are brilliant too.

  13. Just pinned this to our DIY board. Thanks for the inspiration. I could never justify spending $88 on an Antho sweater. Thanks

  14. I’m so trying this. I am just kicking myself because I had the perfect cute sweater to use and got rid of it. This is adorable.

  15. Great idea

  16. Supercute!! i love it!! ;-)

  17. do you actually cut the whole back of the sweater or are you just sewing the strip over the back of the sweater??

  18. are you cutting the back of the sweater or are you just sewing the strip over the top of the sweater?

  19. I made 2 of these – one is pink with white stripes with a white inset on the back, and I added a white pocket on the left breast so it looked more pulled together – and one a brown print with brown inset on the back and front and brown skirt. Both went together very quickly and totally updated the look of them both. Thanks for the idea and the instructions!

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