April monthly menu plan


It only took me four months… but I am FINALLY posting my menu plans again. I know several of you have requested I start posting them again and I apologize for not posting them sooner. Instead of posting my weekly menu like I used to I will be posting it the last day of every month.

Hopefully this will inspire you to plan your menu’s and find some new recipes. I have found it easier to not schedule things by day, but to just list what I will be making that week. That way I know what to get at the store, but I don’t feel like we HAVE to have spaghetti on Monday. Do what works best for your family though. You may notice I’m only cooking four meals each week too. I’ve tried cooking every night and honestly it just doesn’t happen. We usually end up going out one of the nights and doing leftovers the other. It seems to really work well for us with our busy schedules. I do know that if I have a plan it is a lot easier to stick to it.

Monthly menu with @iheartnaptime

Week one:

Cajun chicken pasta


Potato and ham soup

Stuffed bell peppers with quinoa 

Slow cooker honey chicken


Week two:

Enchilada veggie quesadillas 

BBQ chicken salad

Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Pepperoni pizza lasagna roll-ups 


Week three:

BBQ chicken pinwheels 

Chicken bacon penne pasta

Crock pot chicken taco bowl

Pesto salad with chicken


Week four:

Spaghetti and meatballs

Shepherds pie 

Sweet and sour chicken

Baked chicken parmesan 


Breakfast options:

Healthy chocolate muffinsHomemade granola barsGreen smoothies, yogurt, fruit and homemade granola , whole wheat roasted banana bread, oatmeal & fruit, Eggs & toast


Lunch options:

Strawberry asparagus saladChicken caprese salad pita, grilled cheese, sandwiches, leftovers, fresh cut veggies and/ or fruit

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Looking for more recipes?

Check out my here or recipe board on Pinterest. I am also a Zip List partner, which allows you to have an online recipe box and you can create shopping lists and menu’s at the click of a button. It’s pretty awesome and FREE. Check it out here.

What are your dinner plans this week?

I’d love for you to share in the comments. Thanks for reading, have a great day! :)

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5 comments on “April monthly menu plan”

  1. Great menu ideas! Feel free to share:) {wink} Good idea to only pick four meals a week. I never seem to cook every day either, and planning a meal out a day just isn’t practical.

  2. I just say down and did out my meals for the month. Looks like we will be eating some of the same things :)

  3. My problem is that I have a hard time shopping for everything at the same time without spending to a of money for each meal. I also have a hard time coming up with different thing to make so that I am not cooking the same things every week! These recipes look awesome but I would live to have one shopping list where I could have multiple uses for some items. Any ideas?

  4. great post, really Great ideasbut try something other, thanks

  5. I see your website, truly impressive, keep it up!

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