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**UPDATE: PLEASE go HERE to download the printables**

Hello again! This month’s printable was inspired by those ever popular “first day of school pictures.” This is my little mans first time going to school (Preschool counts right?), and I wanted a way to look back at these pictures and instantly know what grade he was in.So, I created these back to school printable posters for my kids (and yours) to hold as they advance through school.

Simply click HERE or on the images below to download the posters,

print on heavy card stock,


attach to a pencil,

and take a picture of your kid’s first day of school!

I don’t have kids in middle school, but I am pretty sure asking a 7th grader and up to pose for a picture holding these signs is pushing it. Nonetheless, I am making them available for you.

If all else fails, I think mod podging these onto a notebook is a great idea as well!

If your teenager is willing, you can e-mail me for 10th – 12th Grade signs!


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**UPDATE: PLEASE go HERE to download the printables**

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99 comments on “Back to school printable”

  1. I SO love this idea..thank you for sharing this! I have a little guy starting kindergarten and he’ll be getting one of these for sure!!!

  2. I absolutely love those for my soon-to-be-kindergartners! But you’re right … there’s not a chance anyone in middle school is going to pose for a photo with that sign. My 8th grader would die! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the printables. I have a preschooler, 2nd grader and 5th grader to use these for. As far as the middle schooler not wanting to do it….. I plan on laying on the mommy guilt trip!!!

    Thanks again!

  4. is there anyway you could email it to me? I cannot access it through the 4shared way.

    thank you!!

  5. So cute. Shouldn’t it say “I am an eighth grader”? I wish I was creative like this. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Love these! Thanks so much for making these. My son starts Kindergarten this year so I will definitely be using this for his special photo!

  7. So cute! Cant wait to take a picture of my first grader with this!

  8. So super-cute!! I shared on my facebook wall today ( Thanks for the post!!

  9. Thank you! These are so awesome! I cannot wait to get pictures of my kids with these (K, 5th and 7th this year).

  10. These printables are adorable! I absolutely LOVE the wreath in the background on the first pic. Did you DIY? Is there a post on it that I’m not finding?

  11. I LOVE this! I will def be using them! Thanks so much.

  12. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing. I may use them for scrapbook pages too.

  13. I love them!! So cute! My little girl starts pre-school and she is sooo excited! This will make her even more excited!

  14. crystal pitman Reply

    that is a cuter idea so using it thank you

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  15. I love reading your blog, so believe me when I say that I hate being THAT PERSON, but it would be “an” in front of “eighth grader”.

  16. These are terrific!!! I LOVE this idea! I have so many photos of the first day of school I have to check the digital dates to see which year it is for – this would be a cute way to avoid that hassle! Thank you for posting these!!! Too cute!! :-)

  17. So Cute! My son started preschool this month. I might just have to take another picture of him with these! :)

  18. My first day of college I made my roommate take a picture of me in front of my dorm. hehe! I think first day pics hold such great memories of the anxious, butterfly-filed wreck I usually am on the first day!

    I will definitely keep this idea handy for my future kids!

  19. Thanks for the printables. I have 2 kids that started school today. One is in 2nd grade and one in 4th grade. I used your printables to take their first day of school pictures. So cute! I love it!!

  20. Just found ya ! so far so good! love it!!

  21. Is there anyway you could email it to me? ( I cannot access it through the 4shared way.
    I appreciate it!! They are adorable!!

  22. The signs (and the kids holding them up) are so cute!! (your 8th grader is beautiful!) I think my 4th grader would love to hold it up, but my 7th grade boy..forget about it LOL! There’s no way. I am sharing this!! Thanks for posting! :)

    I hope you have a great school year!

  23. SUCH a GREAT idea! In the coming weeks I think I’ll use these for Back-to-Homeschool photos! Thanks for sharing! LOVE the kids’ photos!

  24. I just shared your printables on my FB page… OH MY GOSH… I LOVE THEM! Pinning now! Thank you so much for sharing them…. ;)

  25. These are so adorable! Thank you soooo much for sharing these with everyone. You are so talented!

  26. I love this idea!

  27. karen echevarria Reply

    HI LOVE this idea! Can you please email me, I cannot access it for some reason.

  28. Thanks! These are completely adorable :) I’m going to print them out since my niece will be starting preschool soon! A new tradition to start :)

  29. i would love to print out the 1st and 4th grade, but it’s saying the link is no good. am i doing something wrong?

  30. i adore these & can’t wait to use them, but the link isn’t working for me either. Would you mind emailing them? maeusa[at]ymail[dot]com. Thanks so much! I shared the link on my personal & MOPS FB pages!

  31. The link isn’t working for me. I would love to use this with my 5th graders in class and put it in their slideshow for them! :) TOOO cute!

  32. Emerald Magbaleta Reply

    Hi! I love these printables- makes me a tiny bit excited for my 5 year old to be in Kindergarten… and to go back to work in my preschool class… Is it possible for you to please email me the Preschool and Kindergarten printables? I would love them! The links aren’t working for me either. Have an awesome day and hope you are staying cool !

  33. Hi I was trying to print the first day of school fliers and the link isn’t working. Could you please email them to me (2nd grade and 3rd grade)? Thank you!


  34. Nicole @Team Pipkin Reply

    LOVE it!
    But I need one for a 11th grader & 2nd year college…yup I got kids that old & I still make them take the first day of school picture.
    I’m printing your 1st grader one for my baby girl.

  35. HI-can I get the Kindergarten & 1st Grade printables-the site isn’t working for me & I SO want them for pics. I usually draw up my own, but yours are WAY cute!!! My email is
    THANK YOU!!!

  36. Love these! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness =)

  37. These are adorable!! I can’t download them, is there any way you could email them to me? rebekahfalke(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks so much!

  38. Hi, can I have the Preschool and Kindergarten signs emailed to me? Thanks!

    Very cute!

  39. This is great and oh so sweet! Just one typo — “I’m proud to be AN eighth grader.” I think they teach that grammar thing in 8th grade, so you don’t want your kiddo picking on you for making her hold a grammatically incorrect sign, right???

  40. So cute! I couldn’t get the links to work. Could you please email me the kindergarten one?
    amyeh78 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  41. I love these, thank you for sharing! Is there any way to do a Pre-K one? My daughter is done with preschool but not old enough to attend Kindergarten yet. I don’t know if it’s common in other states but here, it’s called Pre-K. Thank you!

  42. I know you’ve had a ton of requests but could you email this to me also to, this would be awesome to use for our PTA, thanks!

  43. jaelin fjermestad Reply

    I think these are so darling! I would like to get the set emailed to me if possible. jaelinfj at
    Thank you.

  44. Adorable with a capital A!

    This is my first time over to your site (I’m stopping by from Money Saving Mom) and I am lovin’ it!


    I will totally be printing out the 1st grader one for my son (it’s all about the scrapbooks!)

  45. Im not able to download. Can you please email these to me. Thanks they are so cute!

  46. I love these! But in the interest of “school” you might want to say “I am AN eighth grader” :)

  47. I ::love:: these! Is there any way I can pay you to make a couple extra custom ones? I’d love ones to continue through 12th grade plus a couple of college specific ones (like another post I have college students and a toddler at home about to start preschool). I’d gladly pay to complete the set and do a custom one or two (because I’m sure a lot of people don’t need 1L or 2L type signs).

  48. Absolutely darling and was hoping you could email these to me as well…Also, by chance can we get one for daycare? My little 5 1/2 month old is heading off to his first day of “school” in a two weeks! :(

  49. Could you email me these as well? I can’t get the links to work, it says not found.

  50. I LOVE these! I’m a Kindergarten teacher and I’m going to take pictures of the students in my class so we can give them to families.

  51. Oh my goodness! I would love these too! You are very talented!

    Thank you so much!!

  52. Thanks so much! They are great :) I have one starting preschool, a 2nd grader and a 5th grader….shame you don’t have I am a college freshman for my oldest son :)

  53. these are adorable. thanks for posting!!!

  54. i would love the other ones as well too!

  55. I was finally able to download them but the site hosting your downloads is not easy user-friendly, fyi. THANK YOU for these! So cute! I shared this link on FB. If I make make a suggestion, I think it would nice to have something for lil brother (age 2) to hold so he doesn’t feel left out. Like “I am your biggest fan” or something.

  56. Hi – LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I have a little one starting preschool in a few weeks & this would be such a great way to capture that day! Could you possibly email me all of them? I would love to start this for her & would hate to come back one year & for the links to be gone. I can’t seem to access them correctly to download them from 4shared. My email is

    Thank you so much!

  57. Would you please e-mail me the remainder? Thanks so much!

  58. This is a neat idea. I tried to download the 3 for my 3 kids but I keep getting an error page. Can you email all of them to me.


  59. These are such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

  60. I love these! Thank you so much for sharing. I actually printed them out in various sizes and used them in a Back-To-School Party I had for my nieces and nephew! I created a banner, cupcake toppers & wreath accents. So Cute! The kids were so proud to be showing off their grade signs! Thanks again!

  61. I love this and will be doing this this week with my granddaughter who will be in Kindergarten this year. Thank you!

  62. These are awesome! Thanks so much! :)

  63. These are great! I will be sharing them with my sister, since I don’t have kids of my own.
    Just one problem I saw…”I am a eighth (8th) grader”. Should read “an eighth grader”. That’s all though.
    Thanks! :)

  64. Love them! But, the “Kindergartner” one is spelled incorrectly!!

  65. I absolutely LOVE these! The colors and the layout… perfect! I featured it in my 19 Creative Back to School Ideas and Treats round-up today! Free free to grab a button!

  66. Hey! LOVE this idea!!! Perfect for my pictures tomorrow morning!!! :-)

  67. I just LOVE, LOVE this printable ! ! ! TTHANKS so much for sharing ! ! !
    I do have a problem though, when I go to print it out it prints out much smaller then yours, could you please tell me, what I could do so they print on a full 81/2×11…..
    Thanks so much !
    Nicole ;o)

  68. I noticed at your download site that you corrected the I am an 8th Grader sign, but it’s the small one. Please email me the large version (or let me know you’ve uploaded it and I’ll go dnld myself). TIA!

    Great idea and beautiful signs!

  69. LOVE IT! Not only for my own children going off to school but I am going to print one for each of my parents as well for a before school gift! Thanks so much for sharing!

  70. Just printed the Preschool, K and 2nd Grade – gearing up to start school in Sept! Thank you so much!

  71. Love these printables but could not get them to print so I recreated them or at least attempted to!  Just started blogging and posted a link today to these adorable ones!

  72. These are just precious and I used them for back-to-school photos for my kiddos!
    Thank you!

  73. Monica Okelberry Reply

    Can I get these e-mailed to I’m having a hard time downloading them. Such a cute idea!

  74. I love these, and so will my newly minted kindergarten student! Thanks for sharing!

  75. Is there any way u can do a Pre-k one? My daughter starts Pre k on Thursday

  76. I fell upon your blog last year, printed the First Grader sheet and thought I saved your blog under my “Favorites”. I’ve been searching and searching and FINALLY found it again! I’m so excited! Thank you for these adorable printables. I have now “pinned” it as I wasn’t on Pinterest before. Thanks again!

  77. These are great! You have a typo on the 8th grader sign, though. “A” should be “an.”

  78. Once again, I’ve come back here to use your printables for our first day of school. Thanks again for making these!

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