Better Homes and Garden Style Showcase

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  • Hi friends! I’ve been so excited to tell you about a trip I took a couple of weeks ago to the Better Homes and Garden headquarters (ahh)! It was such an amazing experience and I thought it would be fun to show you some photos from the event. The whole time I had to pinch myself. What an honor it was to be there. A dream come true really.

    I will be apart of the Live Better Network this coming year, so they showed us some of their new {amazing} products coming out this year. We also got to see behind the scenes, the test kitchen and test gardens. I was like a little school girl in a candy store. It was SO much fun!

    We were greeted at the event with these colorful balloons. I think this is such a great idea for a party, don’t you? So simple and it makes a great statement to welcome guests. Then everyone can take one on their way out as a party favor. Use a candle as your balloon weight. Brilliant!


    I was super excited to meet up with 2 of my blogging besties AKA glitter girls Kristyn from Lil Luna and Stephanie from Somewhat Simple. We always stay up way too late talking.

    BHG friends

    We started off the morning with a brunch and it was so fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

    BHG breakfast

    After breakfast we got to take a tour of the staging areas where they do photo shoots. It was so fun to see behind the scenes! They basically build and tear down a room every day for a different photo shoot. While a lot of the rooms in their magazine are from real homes, a lot of them are also built that day. Crazy, right? I never would have known. This room below was one of my favorites. Can you believe everything pictured here is from Walmart? I couldn’t either!

    BHG pink room

    The next place we got to visit was the prop room and I was seriously in prop heaven! I could have just moved right in. They seriously had every single colored plate you could ever want. This pic does not even show 1/4 of the room. One day I will have a prop room to hoard all my colorful plates. Mark my word. ;)

    prop room

    And then I spotted these chairs and little end tables.

    BHG chairs

    Okay.. and how nice would it be to have this selection of doors to choose from? I love my red door… but it just doesn’t work for Halloween. That yellow door is so fun!

    BHG doors

    One of my favorite spots was the test garden. It was so pretty and peaceful. I totally could have taken a nap there…just sayin’.

    BHG test garden

    It was also an honor to meet Editor Eddie Ross. He shared some fabulous tips with us. It was so fun to meet him IRL.

    eddie ross

    Here are some of my favorite products I spotted at the event (all sold at Walmart). I honestly love them all and couldn’t believe the awesome prices!

    BHG cookie jars

    Aren’t these little animal cookie jars the cutest? I die! They’ll be in stores soon!

    BHG cheese plate

    BHG fall collection

    BHG products

    BHG garden

    Then we ended the trip at the Iowa State Fair. They seriously had every fried food imaginable. I had to try the deep fried OREO’s of course. I only had one…and I have to say, they were pretty good… but I think I’d rather just have OREO’s and milk (my favorite way of course). :)

    deep fried oreo

    Thanks for reading along. Wish I could have packed you all in my suitcase. If you’re ever in Des Moines, Iowa you should definitely take a tour there. It was a lot of fun! xo



    This post was in partnership with BHG at Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own. :)

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