Black and White Striped Table

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  • So I had an itch. I needed wanted to paint something reallll  bad! Do you ever get that way? I really didn’t need anymore furniture, so I thought I would re-do one of the pieces I already had. The kitchen table needed to go first! I painted it white over a year age (which I have loved), however my son unfortunately got the best of it. square kitchen table
    So I decided to make a change…
    how to paint a table
    Do ANY of you remember my first kitchen table makeover? Probably not. I think a year ago there was only about 50 people reading this blog. I originally found this table on craigslist for $60 bucks! With the chairs! I thought that was an awesome deal.. because this is a real sturdy table. In this picture I didn’t have the leaf in, it’s in now. I love the square look.image
    I did love the plain white and black… but I’m LOVING the stripes so much better. Okay and please notice the chandelier. I’ve hated it for the past year and FINALLY did something about it!
    I also have to say I think my photography has gotten A LOT better. That picture is horrible. lol.
    My table was definitely in dire need of a makeover! Between paint, crayons, spaghetti stains, fork marks… you name it, it was trashed! Okay maybe not trashed but it definitely wasn’t holding up well. I did things a little different this time… and I’m hoping it will withstand Carson’s destruction.
    I’ve always been a black and white kind of girl… it just looks so classy! I knew I wanted to keep the table black and white, I just wanted the black  to be a little more dominant. I also knew I wanted some type of design on top. I was thinking of doing a chevron pattern at first, but then I just decided to stick with the classic stripes. I’m glad I did.
    distressing furniture
    I LOVE how it turned out. At first I thought I went a little over board on the distressing, but I think it’s perfect! If Carson drags his fork on the table… all the better! ;)
    I also gave my candle a little makeover. What do you think?
    chandelier makeover
    Ah  the Chandelier looks SO much better!! A little trim goes  a LONG way! Thank you Jo-Ann’s 50% off coupons! Here is the tutorial for the cord cover.
    chandelier cord covers
    I also made this cord cover that took seriously five minutes. Why didn’t I do this sooner?
    striped table
    So there you have it… my Black and White Striped Table.
    kitchen makeover ideas
    I think it looks awesome in our kitchen. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our kitchen makeover. Crazy how time flies!
    So what do you think?
    I think I’m in LOVE.
    Stay tuned to for more details on this project. I’ll fill you in on all the how-to’s. :)
    Happy Friday!
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