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DIY camera Lens Case by Katie of Made to be a Momma for I Heart Naptime.

DIY camera lens case tutorial on ...bag could be used for lots of other things too!

Hi friends!  It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma here to share with you a simple and useful sewing project.  With the popularity that DSLR cameras have among families and bloggers, I thought it would be fun to share a fun way to keep your multiple camera lens safe and dust free while adding some pop of color to your camera bag.  I love being able to make things that fit more into my style and personality and this camera case just makes me happy.  You can use any  of your favorite colors or patterns of fabric. You could even mix and match a few fabric pieces for a patchwork look. This bag could be used for so many other things too!

DIY camera lens case tutorial on ...bag could be used for lots of other things too!




  • 1/4 yard fabric
  • iron on batting
  • 24 inches of ribbon or rope
  • safety pin
  • sewing pins


First you will need to decide how big your want your case to be.  I made my cases big enough to fit my biggest lens with plenty of room to hold my 50mm lens.  Feel free to adjust your measurements accordingly.

Cut four pieces of fabric ( 2 lining pieces and 2 main pieces) into 10 in. x 6 in. pieces.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on

Cut two pieces of iron-on batting a tad smaller than the size of your main pieces. Iron on to the back side of your two main fabric pieces.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on



Place one pin about 1 inch down from the top of the main piece of fabric.  Place another pin about 1 inch below the first pin. Repeat with the other side and the other main piece of fabric.  Lay your two main pieces of fabric together and sew across the bottom and up both long sides making sure you don’t sew the small space in between the two pins.  Leave the top edge open.

Place your lining pieces right sides together. Sew across the bottom making sure to leave a 3-4 inch hole for turning. Sew up both long sides. Leave the top edge open.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on


Flip your main piece right side out.  Insert it into your lining piece, making sure the pretty sides are touching and the side seams match up.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on


Pull your main piece through the hole in your lining and sew the lining hole closed.  Push the lining into the main part of the case. Top stitch around the case.  To create the casing for your rope or ribbon, sew a straight line around the entire case directly above the hole you created earlier and below the hole.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on

Using either rope or ribbon and a bobby pin, push your rope through until it comes through the other side of the hole.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on

You now have a cute little drawstring case that’s perfect for your camera lens. This is a fun sewing project that can be used for many other things.  These little bags can also be used for makeup, kids toys or more.  You can also make them much larger and even leave an opening on the other side for a double stringed drawstring bag like I did HERE.

Camera Lens Case: tutorial on

I love how the iron on batting adds just enough protection to carry it around outside of my camera bag without it being too bulky.  If you don’t plan on keeping your lens in your camera bag you could always use a heavier batting if desired.

DIY camera lens case tutorial on ...bag could be used for lots of other things too!

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6 comments on “DIY Camera Lens Case”

  1. Hey, Jamielyn, Wow, never thought of that, please will you share with my readers, we are in the UK, im new to blogging

  2. Love your style and would love to subscribe to your site. 

  3. Love the tutorial! That’s a great fabric you chose as well.

  4. I LOVE this idea!  I just bought a camera and I need to make one!  

  5. Love this and used your tutorial to make a lens case for my new lens. I did amend your design slightly as I decided to put in a circular bottom piece and I doubled up on the batting as I wanted my case to be a little more padded. Worked a treat. Will be making them for my other lenses too. If nothing else they will brightens up our camera bags ☺.

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