Camping "Butt"ckets…or just for fun!

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  •  We made these fun camping buckets for girls camp this year and the girls loved them! I can’t believe how cute some of them turned out. They are all so talented!
    These buckets are super easy to make, and it’s fun for every one to have a “personalized”  place to sit or hide their stash of food. ;) lol
    You start out with a 5 gallon bucket. You can get these for free at Sam’s or Costco in the Bakery (frosting tubs).
    You could spray paint your bucket, but I didn’t have time for that…so it stayed white. LOL
    I found some scraps I had and measured around the bucket. Cut accordingly.
    Next you’ll need some mod podge! Start in 4 inch sections (so the glue doesn’t dry) and begin wrapping your fabric around, pushing all the bubbles out as you go.
    For the seat you can make it as “comfy” as you want. I used about 3 layers of batting and one layer of foam. Cut in a circle to match the lid top and hot glue together. After that is dry wrap fabric tightly around the top and tuck sides under with hot glue.
    Next comes the frill! I chose to wrap a big fat ribbon around mine and then tie little ribbons on the handle. You could tie ribbon all the way around the handle which  would be super cute! You could get as creative as you’d like!
    The most important final step is to fill it with camping “necessity’s” A.K.A CANDY! This way it will keep all the bugs out too! :)
    And there you have your new camping “Butt-ket.” Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!
    *Some readers also had some great ideas to do with these buckets… use them as storage in kids rooms, going on picnics or ball games…Shaunery has made these a little different which I thought was a great idea! She used them as cheer leading buckets! For the lid we measured and cut out a thin piece of plywood. That we layered with foam, batting and fabric, stapling to the plywood. We then used ultra super heavy duty Velcro tape to adhere to the lid. It also allowed us to change out fabric with each season of cheer.
    And since we had Pee Wee Cheerleaders, we had pee wee buckets (5 gallon paint buckets from super home stores)

    The possibilities are endless! Have fun with it and get creative!
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