Candy Cane Craft -Wreath tutorial {CCC}


Hello all you Crazy Christmas Crafters!  I’m Heather from WhipperBerry and I am thrilled to come and hang out with you guys today and share this candy cane craft. I LOVE the Holidays and I especially love all of the fun Christmas crafting that can be had this time of year,  It was so fun to bust out the red and white the other day to work on this fun Candy Cane Wreath…

A few weeks ago Shelley from House of Smiths invited me over to her place to share a fun Halloween wreath that I had created that I aptly named The Candy Corn Wreath.  While I was working on that post I thought it would also be a GREAT candy cane wreath for Christmas too, and… it would be perfect for Jamielyn’s Crazy Christmas Crafters!! It is soooo easy to make, anyone can do it.  Plus it really makes a statement. 


{ Candy Cane Craft }

Here is what you will need…

~ One foam wreath form {mine is about 13 inches across}

~1/2 yard of muslin

~ 3/4 yard of red canvas fabric

~3/4 yard of white canvas fabric

~ 250 straight pins 

~ Black ribbon

To begin, tear your muslin into long 4 inch wide strips and then wrap your foam wreath form…

Secure the muslin to the foam form with straight pins.  Next, you need to cut your canvas into ROUGHLY 4×4 inch squares.  Don’t worry about exact measurements pretty close works perfect for this project. 

Once you have your squares cut, start with  the red and  take one square and fold in half and then fold in half again.  Take a straight pin and pin it to the wreath form like this…

Continue to fill in a row of red, working them close together to give it a nice full effect.  Wimpy wreaths look sad, so don’t be stingy!! Alternate one row of red followed by two rows of  white until the entire wreath is filled in. Tie your black ribbon into a bow and affix the bow to the wreath with a couple of pins.  Voila, you’re finished!!

Isn’t it fun?  I LOVE this wreath and I especially love working with canvas fabric it really stands up to whatever you ask it to do. Here are some more fun Christmas ideas from WhipperBerry…


How to make your own Homemade Vanilla with a tutorial on how to bottle it for a fun neighbor gift. Another great project for those cold winter days, Ribbon Trees. These are super fun.  Here is another fantastic neighbor gift… Hot Chocolate on a Stick.  I promise, you will be the talk of the neighborhood!!

I hope you swing on by WhipperBerry and say hello.  I LOVE getting to meet all of you and hearing about all of your crafting fun!!

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38 comments on “Candy Cane Craft -Wreath tutorial {CCC}”

  1. How cute! I need a good wreath… This one may be it!

  2. wow I think I am going to try this… I need a good wreath.. Thanks for sharing..

  3. I just love this and it has so many possibilities for Christmas colors and year round!

  4. That’s really cute! I love how full it is!!!! I would use a green ribbon instead of black.

  5. What a beautiful wreath!

  6. Seriously adorable! Definitely my fave holiday, always brings nice colors to the table.

  7. I definitely want to make one of these! Thanks for the post!

  8. Thanks! I want to make this for my front door. I pinned it on pinterest!

  9. This is very pretty! TFS!

  10. Oh I love it! I am going to have to make this for my front door!

  11. This looks so neat! I would probably keep this wreath inside though because I want to be able to look at it!

  12. Hi from France, I try this wreath for xmas

  13. I made this wreath today and love the way it came out. Thank you for the great tutorial. Here is a link to a pic of how mine came out! You rock! Love your blog. :)

  14. Man I must have really stuffed mine because I ran out of fabric about half way through. :( It looks great though, can’t wait to go back to the fabric store and get some more fabric.

  15. I am hosting a ladies night out with each of us creating this wreath! We are all looking so forward to great company and a beautiful project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Love your site very creative !!!!! So excited to make some of these projects.

  17. Very cute, and a fun technique! I’m a big fan of red & white at Christmas. I just posted a link to this on our StyroCraft Facebook page. Thank you for the tute! Sharon

  18. 3/4 a yard is definitely not enough fabric to complete this wreath. I ran out before I even finished half of it!! But what I have is pretty so far!

  19. Love your wreath and the beautiful black satin bow.

  20. Do the squares go all the way around the wreath or just on the “front”?

  21. What am I doing wrong?
    I fold the  squares  in half then half again,but it doesn’t look like the picture.HELP!!!!!

  22. Love the ideals that you are doing ! Thank you for sharing 

  23. Ginger Chaffin-Beck Reply

    Did candy cane wreath last year! Had fun doing it and Love it!

  24. May I ask where the best place to get canvas fabric is? The ones you used look really fine-r than the ones in the store?

  25. Barbara Nicosia Reply

    Love the wreath definetly will make for me and family members for our front doors, will even include my favorite neighbors.   Nice thing it is affordable for me to make and I don’t have to sew anything just pin it.  Have sewing machine but in move pedal got lost, may find it one of these days  sure miss it.  Thanks for the idea and instructions.

  26. Barbara Tomlinson Reply

    I have also used different sized foam candy canes & if you lay the wreath flat & put a large candle in the middle you will have a beautiful centrepiece!

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