Chocolate pig cake!!

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  • Chocolate pig cake!! Say what? Oh my gosh is this not the cutest thing ever? I just thought I would share since it’s national pig day. Who knew there was such a holiday? ;) I love how the pigs are diving in the chocolate. They are living the good life! This pig cake looks pretty easy to make. It looks like it’s just 2 round cakes with chocolate frosting on top and kit kat’s on the sides. To make the pigs you could use pink fondant and a toothpick (for piggies eyes).

    Find the recipe HERE on Fine Craft Guild

    The cutest cake!!

    Find the recipe HERE on Fine Craft Guild


    Anyways… thought it was too cute not to share. I better get back to work. I have some fun posts coming up next week.


    For more chocolate goodness check out my recipe box. Here are some of my fave’s below

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    Creamy Marshmallow Mexican Fudge Recipe - so easy to make and always a crowd pleaser at holiday parties.

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