Crazy Christmas Crafter: Flamingo Toes!

Hello I heart Naptime readers! My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes.

I’m excited to be a part of the Crazy Christmas Crafters! I’m sharing my tutorial for these sweet Poinsettia Placemats and Napkins.

Here is what you’ll need to make a set for your holiday table:

• Placemats (Purchased or Made. I found these beauties on clearance at Target. Love.)

• Fabric for Poinsettias and Napkin Binding (I made 4 and I used about 1/2 yard of 60″ fabric)

• Linen for napkins (18″ square per napkin)

• Small Scraps of Felt and 1 Button per placemat

Start by drawing out a petal shape for your poinsettia leaves. Cut out 10 leaves per placemat. (It sounds like a lot but it goes fast.)

Layer 2 petals right sides together. Sew around the edges with a small seam allowance, leaving the bottom straight edge open.

Turn right side out.

Fold the two sides of the bottom edge together and sew across the edge. This will put a little pleat in the bottom.

Repeat for your other petals.

Cut a small circle out of felt. (I used a thread spool for a pattern.)

Sew the folded edge of your petal to the felt circle.

Sew four more petals to the felt circle.

Sew a fun button to the center to cover up those raw edges.

Position the flower on the left side of the placemat, about halfway between the top and bottom.

Tack the flower well to the placemat on the underside of the left and right leaves.

Make sure you don’t sew all the way through the leaves.

Now your flower’s all sewn on and ready for a napkin.

You can use purchased napkins for this next step, or make your own.

This is “cheater” bias tape – but it looks pretty and worked for the amount of fabric I had.

Sew a strip of red fabric to 2 sides of the napkin, right sides together.

Fold the fabric away from the napkin. Fold it in half, then turn under the unsewn edge 1/4″. Lay that along the edge of the napkin and sew down. You are covering the raw edge of the seam inside the fold.

For the opposite two sides, cut two pieces slightly longer than the napkin. Sew on as you did before.

Fold the red piece right sides together and sew up the sides of the fabric, along the edge of the napkin.

Turn right side out and turn the raw edge under 1/4″. Sew down as you did the other sides.

Now you have a pretty napkin trimmed to match your placemat!

Tuck your napkin under the poinsettia.

Add your place setting and you’re all ready for a beautiful holiday table!!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!! I’d love to have you stop by Flamingo Toes. You can check out my tutorials for jewelry, home decor, kitchen things and more here.

Thank you so much Jamielyn for including me in the fun!!
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4 comments on “Crazy Christmas Crafter: Flamingo Toes!”

  1. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} Reply

    Such a pretty table set up! I love the poinsettia. I think even I could sew that! Great project, Bev!

  2. I love poinsttia!! It's absolutely fabulous!

  3. The Answer Is Chocolate Reply

    I love it. I need some new Christmas napkin rings and these are perfect.

  4. So cute Bev! I LOVE fabric flowers and yours turned out darling!

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