Snowman Ornaments

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    Hey all you nap time crafters! I’m Erika, and I am the crafter and blogger over at Oops! I Craft My Pants.
    You guys, I cannot even tell you how much I stressed over what to make for this Crazy Christmas Crafters event. When I saw the line up, I was floored! I’m pretty sure I am not worthy enough to be among such crafty ladies.
    Today, I’m going to show you how to make some seriously easy Christmas tree decorations. (Which can also be put on a ribbon, if ya know, you like that kind of thing).
    Step one: Gather all the supplies. These include: paint, white Christmas bulbs, glitter, a paint brush, and (not pictured, sorry!) Mod Podge or glue. Also, this isn’t required, but you should probably have your phone (or a computer) nearby so that you can blast Christmas music on Pandora. It helps, I promise.
    Step two: Begin painting Christmas-y designs onto the Christmas bulbs. I made some candy canes, a few snowmen, and some plain ol’ red polka dotted ones. Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfectly straight, or if your paint isn’t perfectly even, it’ll hardly be noticeable later on.
    Step three: Allow paint to dry. Sorry, no picture of this step. I know, it would have been really exciting to include video, even!
    Step four: Break out that Mod Podge! Paint a thin layer over your Christmas bulb.
    Step five: Roll that bad boy in your glitter, and let it dry.
    Ta-da! You’re finished.
    Unless….You want to hang them up on the wall instead of putting them on the tree. My tree isn’t put up yet, so I picked this option. I’m really sorry for the horrible lighting in these pictures.
    All you’ve gotta do is grab the ribbon of your choice and string it through the bulbs one at a time. Once the bulb is where you want them to be, make sure to loop the ribbon back through so the Christmas bulbs will stay in place. I tried to take a picture of this step, but it was too hard one handed. I’m so sorry!
    So, there you have it! A super easy Christmas craft. I would LOVE to see one of these made with children’s paintings. Pretty sure it would kill me with cuteness.
    Thanks for having me today, Jamielyn! I am beyond honored.
    For a hundred more fabulous handmade Christmas ideas visit this post HERE.
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