Tea Cup Pincushion {CCC}


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Hi everyone, I am Elizabeth one of the girls at Simple Simon and Co, where I blog with my sister-in-law who has the same name.  Confusing?  Yes, very.  We both love sewing, all things vintage-especially hoarding vintage patterns, and coming up with $5 crafts for $5 Fridays.
Today I have a gift for the seamstress on your Christmas list….that is easy and costs less than $5!  And the seamstress on your gift list will absolutely LOVE this tea cup pincushion and use it everyday!

{ Tea Cup Pincushion }

Here’s what you will need:
* A vintage tea cup (I got mine at a thrift store for $1.00)
* A handful of stuffing
* A scrap of batting or felt
* A scap of fabric for the top of the pincushion
And here’s how you make it:

And ta-dah!  You have your gifts for all your sewers!
Thanks Jamielyn!  What a great round-up of all things Christmas….it has been amazing and I can’t wait for more!
Simple Simon & Co
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Jamielyn Nye

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Creative director and founder of I Heart Naptime. Jamielyn aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire. When she’s not creating, Jamielyn loves to chase her three little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man.

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8 comments on “Tea Cup Pincushion {CCC}”

  1. Hi love your teacup pincushion! I had a hard time not having it fall over so I redid mine and added weight to the bottom of the tea cup by putting about a cup of sand in the cup before putting the top on. It helped to stabilize the cup alot. you could also glue the cup to the saucer. thanks! I used a tea cup that my grandmother gave me when she was cleaning out her house before she moved into a retirement home. She was 96 yrs 8 mths when she passsed away last June so it is a very cherished item that I know can use all the time and remember her always!

  2. I have made these sweet pincushions using teacups from my grandmother! Would be great presents for family and sewing friends!

  3. I love this! I’ll hafta make one for myself as well! :]

  4. Wondeful!!!! Thanks for the idea!! all good!! Gio ‘

  5. Being a collector of tea cups and saucers, this is just the best project I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for posting this! Shared on my Facebood page Cs Crafted Creations. http://www.facebook.com/CsCraftedCreations.

  6. Do you have a recommendation as to what type of glue to use on the cup and saucer?

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