Cupcake tower

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  • For Carson’s big birthday bash I wanted to have a fun cupcake stand. This is super easy to make and really cheap.
    First gather some boxes from around the house. Luckily I found some just the right size!
    Wrap them up…just like a present! :)
    Use glue dots to wrap the ribbon around the entire box.
    Now have some fun and make it cute. I kept it pretty simple and just added a 1 I found at the craft store. All I did was paint it blue…but like I said make get as creative as you want! ;)
    Banana Chocolate chip cupcakes…yum! I really don’t think I’ll take up cake decorating as my day job though! These monkey cupcakes were pretty simple…just cut vanilla wafers(big & small) and then add some dots and a mouth! I think I imagined them cuter(got the idea off…but oh well they turned out fine. :0
    ta-da! I think the large boxes made all the difference… and the grand total cost me about $5! Doesn’t that look way better then a plate full of cupcakes?
    Click on over to see his banner, shirt/hat and picture display.
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