Adding Curb Appeal + $100 Lowes giveaway


Hey there! I have a fun ‘before and after’ project to share with you today. I was recently asked to be one of the Lowe’s Creative Idea Bloggers and am thrilled for this opportunity. Every month there will be a different challenge. I’m excited about it! I’ll finally give me the push to finish some unfinished projects.

This month’s challenge was to add curb appeal to the front of our house. When we bought our house two years ago our little home didn’t have the greatest curb appeal. It was a foreclosure and had been empty over a year; although I definitely saw the potential. I knew a little paint would make all the difference.



curb appeal

We had the outside of our house painted and it really did make a HUGE difference! The main color we used was “basketry.” I went into Lowes and had them color match it for me. It turned out great.

shutters on house

We also added some outdoor shutters to the front of our house. Most houses in Arizona are cracker box houses. They’re pretty ugly, I’m not going to lie. But by adding the shutters, I was able to give our house a little more personality. I love how it turned out. We just painted the shutters and bolted them to our house.

curb appeal

We also added new light fixtures, which I think makes a house look 10 x better! I thought about spray painting the gold ones, but ended up just buying new ones once I saw them go on sale.

urn with flowers

Flowers always add a great curb appeal. There’s just something so friendly about them. I love any pops of color I can add to my home! :)

So what do you think?! I’m debating painting my front door…what color would you paint it?

curb appeal

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to Lowes to complete this project. 

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Jamielyn Nye

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311 comments on “Adding Curb Appeal + $100 Lowes giveaway”

  1. We also moved into a foreclosure (yesterday, actually)! Out curb appeal is about 2 out of 10. We have a very flat, symmetrical facade. I think the DIY window planters would be the quickest, easiest, (least expensive) pick me up until we can tackle to serious lack of grass, wee ridden landscaping and a paint job.

  2. Kristen @ My Covered Bridge Reply

    I’d love to try one of the drop cloth projects!

  3. I’d like to try out the stitched lampshade. I’ve seen them around and thought they were cute, but never thought of doing the project myself! And we could use a couple more lamps around the house, so it would be useful too!

  4. Looks great! I’m thinking we need to bite the bullet and paint our house now as well.

  5. I like the wall mounted shelf in the “weekend projects” section.

  6. I just love these photos so much! I am sure every person will be interested with this and I hope I will have bigger chances for this..

  7. My kids would love the build-it-yourself tents!

  8. I love the ladder shelf idea on LCI and it looks totally doable.

  9. Love the new color! Looks great.

  10. Kristin @ The O.C.D. Life Reply

    I would love to complete the wall mounted shelf that was located on the Weekend Project’s section. We actually needed a long shelf over our desks in our office.

  11. Wire trellis towers

  12. I love the kitchen storage cart…so handy in a variety of different rooms!

  13. Your house has a neat tropical vibe to it, especially with the white accents!

    Lowes is an amazing store for home improvement and building. My Dad started raising chickens last year and he has built 2 portable coops (on trailers) from the ground up with his father. Everything except for the trailers they’re built on has come from Lowes!

  14. It looks great-I love the light fixtures you picked out!

  15. I’ve been wanting to create the DIY doormat-just trying to convince my hubby to cut the pieces for me!

  16. I would defiantly paint the front door. Not sure about color

  17. The wire Trellis Towers look like fun to create and are super cute!

  18. I kind of like the hypertufa pots….might try something like that.

  19. Being a fan if all things geranium, I like the stencils. I can think of more than one way to use it.

  20. If you’re adventurous, paint it a muted lime green color.. :) If not, paint it black.

  21. fun giveaway! thanks for the chance!
    love the canvas tote in the drop cloth tutorials section!

  22. I would love to make the Rope and Wood Trellis for my clematis :)

  23. I really need to paint my house and we definitely need some new outdoor lighting on the porch and deck.

  24. It looks great!

  25. I love the ladder shelf! I could totally make that.

  26. I’d love to make a window seat bench!

  27. Your “after” looks great! I’d go for either red or turquoise front door. Something with some pizazz!

  28. I want to do raised planting beds in the backyard. Try my hand at growing veggies.

  29. I love the shutters! I am thinking I need to add them to my house!

  30. I think you should paint the door red! We have so many projects to do that could use a Lowe’s giftcard! We are in the process of replacing all of our shrubs and doors.

  31. i would love to try the “address for success” i hate my plastic house number box!

  32. Brittney Clark Reply

    We really want to make a piano stand for our digital piano. So a gift card would be fantastic!!!

  33. I’m thinking closet storage!

  34. I really want to put down new flooring in my back entry. Right now it is ugly vinyl. It has been there for about 20 years and needs to be replaced with something. I am thinking maybe tile.

  35. I’d buy some flowers and new shrubs

  36. Your house looks beautiful so great. I need flowers, but me and my kids got everything to make the chalk board on the fence.

  37. DIY Window Box is so cute!

  38. I’d love to have a water feature!

  39. I want to make the tiki planted pot. Would go great in our Hawaiian yard! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Needs a new front door! Thinking about painting it avocado green. :)

  41. I like the wire trellis towers!

  42. Jos @ Organized Chaos Reply

    Love it! I love the contrast of the paint, the light fixtures, and I like your door just the way it is! But if you want a pop of color, try red! :)

  43. I need to repaint our master bath in the WORST way!!

  44. I love the color Block Door Mat!

  45. I would love to do the color block wall art!

  46. I would like to make the Table Saw Storage Table. It would make things so much more organized in my garage!

  47. I love the ladder shelf idea! What a fun giveaway!

  48. Love the simple yet powerful transformation!

  49. That tiki torch planter would look awesome in my backyard! That’s the one I’d try!

  50. I want to make the window boxes for sure!

  51. I would love to paint my front door!

  52. My daughter has been swooning over the lemonade stand from the Lowe’s magazine so I am sure we would make that! =)

  53. well, I think red would look fabulous!

    If I won the gift card, I might make a trellis or some lawn orbs. I love working on the front yard!

  54. Kelly Robertson Reply

    I think a coffee color would be beautiful!

  55. The house updates look great! I think painting the front door would add a little something and also look great!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. love the color of your home and that pop of red in the flowers is beautiful. :)

  57. I’m not sure how true the color is but perhaps red would add some pop.

  58. those lawn orbs are cute and will be fun to make–and i have all the supplies on hand too!!!

  59. Love it! Looks so much better! I am a fan of white doors, so I would say don’t paint it, but add lots of color with plants and flowers in front of that window and by your door. I can’t wait until I can paint my house! I am so sick of this awful salmon pink color!! Blegch!

  60. The water feature intrigues me! We also bought a fore-closure only it was empty for 5 years…needless to say the yard was a blank slate. We did the back yard but haven’t painted the house or done the front. It has a huge back yard and we still have a projects to finish back there!

  61. I’ve always wanted a red door on my house. I think it would look great on yours too!

  62. I’m seriously loving black front doors right now. Either black or maybe be a little unique and go with a nice aqua or turquoise color for now….it would go great with red flowers planted in the yard and give it a great pop of color. Besides it’s just the front door and that is always easy to repaint if you change your mind.

  63. I totally want to build that DIY lemonade stand for my kids. It’s stinkin adorable! So fun.

  64. Love the update. Totally agree on the cookie cutter stucco in Arizona. Boring. Makes me want to add some touches to our front yard.

  65. We are in need of a ceiling fan in our playroom before summer comes so this would be fantastic :)

  66. Paint your door turquoise! This is what I want to paint my door, anyway. :0) Love the shutters!

  67. Love the colors. It’s amazing what changes paint can make!

  68. I think I’d like to try the privacy screens for the ends of my front porch!

  69. wow! what a difference with just a few small changes. i love lowes, it’s where we buy all our paint and other stuff for projects!

  70. Jamie- I love your house, it looks GREAT. I was thinking that a red door would look way cute on your house maybe like a barn yard red. :)
    love jenny

  71. I’d love to make the hypertufa pots. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Your house looks so cute!

  72. The ladder shelf is cool!

  73. I desperately need a remodel for my 1960’s kitchen! I would start with painting the cabinets and laminate tile for the floor, since our budget is tight.

  74. I could really use that GC right now. We are in the process of revamping our park strip and getting a new mailbox.
    I would love to use magnetic paint to give my kids a cool art center to display things in their rooms.

  75. I would do the rope swing or wooden floor mat (love the colors!)

  76. I like the kitchen storage cart!

  77. I love the updates!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. We have many projects I would love to use $100 to Lowes for. But right now we are finishing remodeling our basement so I would use it on some decorations for the walls.

  79. i would love to build a lemonade stand! my daughter and her cousins would have a blast with that!

  80. I have so many projects that I love, but, painting furniture is my passion. Love to make something old and beat up look beautiful again. Your front door would look beautiful painted the color of the geraniums. (I usually would say lime green or orange, but I think that bright red would really brighten up the door area. Thanks for the contest.

  81. I would like to create the “Bedside Table Recharging Station”

  82. I’d like to build the “Cinch Bench”. Hope I win the giveaway :)

  83. Man, if I had a backyard I’d want to do all of those outdoor projects, they are so fun! But I’m stuck in an apartment currently, so if I had to choose a project to do it would probably be the pub table with seating. How fun!

  84. Jessie Johnson Reply

    I would make the color block door mat. it is a great way to add a pop of color

  85. Patricia Taveras Reply

    Love the difference paint and a few tweeks can make :)

  86. Those wire trellises are awesome!

  87. Paint th door Teal or Red :-)

  88. My kiddos would love to help me build the tent!

  89. Love the changes you made to make your house have more curb appeal! It looks great! I think you should paint your entry door a bright or deep color to make a statement! How about red? Great giveaway!

  90. I love RED front doors! With the colors of your home, I think it would be wonderful!

  91. I would love to spruce up our backyard! :)

  92. We are also buying a foreclosure and BOY will there be a lot of work once we move in. Pretty much everything needs to be changed or fixed up. Hope I win!

  93. I would pick the Tiki Torch Planter, in fact I might need to take a trip to Lowe’s right now! :) Thanks for the great giveaway, I can’t wait to see what color you paint your front door!

  94. I really need some flowers to add curb appeal!

  95. Thanks for the great giveaway! I have been wanting to add some flowers and shrubs to the yard. This would be perfect!

  96. I think you should paint the door gray…adds some color but is neutral enough to go with cute seasonal decorations!

  97. That ladder shelf would be really cute in my bathroom!

  98. I love all of the projects. But, right now, I’m in a planting pots kind of mood. Great giveaway! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  99. I’d love to make the Child’s Kitchen Play Set. How cool would that be?!?

  100. Jennifer Hirschi Reply

    I would paint it red…. red doors are fabulous!

  101. The folding stools are cute.

  102. I would love to work on the wire trellis towers, they look great and would be a wonderful addition to my garden for the cucumbers and zucchini to grow up.

  103. I would like to make the tree swing Creative Ideas has on their latest front cover.

  104. I could seriously use some help with wall mounted shelves. I need them everywhere in my new house!

  105. I’d love to do all of the projects they have for outdoors–especially the deck ones. Ah to have a big giant deck one day.

  106. too many projects to list but since it is the summer we focus on the outdoors. Besides continous landscaping I want to do a mailbox makeover to make our driveway entrance a bit more welcoming.

  107. Great job. A little paint makes a HUGE difference.

  108. Considering right now my back yard is a full on weed garden, I’d really love to just get a basic yard going back there! No specific project. lol

  109. Jennie Bobbins Reply

    I really like the Stack-It-Up Table.

  110. I’d like to make the Lawn Orbs for my “small” back yard! Something that both our dogs and kids can’t tear up!

  111. If you’re wanting a nice pop of color, I’d go red with the door…if you want it more subdued…go black.

    We are working on lots of landscaping in our yard, front and back…still need to finish off our herb garden…the Lowes gc would be a great help!

  112. I would like to make a cute little area to have tea outside in the mornings with my husband. We’re in a rental, so can’t do a TON to our space, but we can make a cozy little cafe-type portion of the porch, and take it with us when we buy our own place! :)

  113. I would make some folding stools. Great for outdoor seating that doesn’t take up a lot of space

  114. Love what you did! Beautiful!!

  115. You should paint your front door a really fun bright color like teal, royal blue or red. I think it would be a great pop of color since your house is pretty neutral

  116. I like the lowes deck redo. My deck needs that

  117. I like the DIY window boxes!

  118. Kari Richards Conklin Reply

    The paint job really changed your curb appeal, looks fantastic! I would love to give the ladder shelf a try from the Lowes creative ideas site. I thinks they are a cute way to add storage.

  119. I would love to bulid a vertical garden! Thanks! Love your new look!

  120. No need to go to the Lowes website to find some ideas, I have about a million pinned already! I am a budding craftswoman, and I love walking down the lumber and paint aisles. It’s so bad that the regular employees at our local Lowes know me as soon as I walk in!

  121. I want to do a patio makeover…garden level lounge

  122. I’m always a sucker for red doors, but I’m not sure how the color would go with your house. Maybe a dark gray color for the door? Or a sage or darker green to match the grass and trees and make it stand out a little? Ah I don’t know! =P Also, your house would look so cute with some white flower window boxes in the front, with some colorful flowers to add more pops of color. =)

  123. Definitely the wall mounted shelf. I need more storage!

  124. What a difference! You mention painting your door. Nothing like adding a pop of red to that door to make it pop!

  125. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I like the color block wall art.

  126. If I had a Lowe’s gift card, I would definitely use it to create a kid-friendly media/family room. Our basement is just ready and open for something like this!

  127. I love the ladder shelf!

  128. Would love to make the build it yourself tent. It would be so much fun for this summer.

  129. I guess I wouldn’t do any of their ideas…I have plenty of my own! We bought a new house 1 year ago and still have lots of projects. And I got to Lowe’s ALL the time!

  130. We are in the middle of ripping out and putting up a wall in our living room. $100 would go a long way towards finishing it!!

  131. The Tiled Sconces on their website are very cute and our small master bathroom is my next project to tackle!

  132. Love the ladder shelf!!!!

  133. I’d love to give the ladder shelf a try.

  134. Love the latter shelf!! Would need to do that. Plus my yard is one of the worst in our neighborhood and this would help so much!!!

  135. I’d like to make some windowboxes to hang on our deck.

    You should paint your door a deep, orange-y red!

  136. I would like to try and make the ladder shelf–and would place my violets on it…

  137. I think your door would look great painted a fire engine red!

  138. I love the deck update – I sadly don’t have a deck, but I would use the gift card to start laying a paver patio and include some of the ideas into the space.

  139. I would love to make the Hypertufa pots! Just what I need on my little back porch.

  140. I love the outdoor water feature! It looks so elegant but is made of simple stuff.

  141. I would like to try the build a bench project.

  142. Love the build-it-yourself tents!

  143. I’d like to add some black rockers and new lights to the front porch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. I love Lowe’s. I could sure use a gift card!

  145. Thanks for the giveaway! I would really love to install some undercabinet lighting in my kitchen!

  146. Amanda Chidester Reply

    I would love to win this giveway! When owning a home there is always improvements.

  147. I want to do the Cabinet organizers for pots, pans and such.

  148. i’d love to make some of the wire trellis towers for my garden!

  149. I would love to make the Folding Potting Bench

  150. I would like to try the hypertufa pots in different sizes and shapes. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway.

  151. I really like the lawn orbs. Would add some color to the outside.

  152. Ooh…paint the door red. I love a red front door! And, it’s supposed to mean something really good in Feng Shui.

  153. OOooo I like those Hypertufa Pots

  154. Would love a window bench in my bonus room.

  155. I would love to make the planter box!

  156. Thank you, for the ideas. We are looking at buying a foreclosure home. Some of these would have never occurred to me!

  157. I really like the Do-It-Yourself Entertainment Center project

  158. LOVE it!! Always great to find new ways to improve your space!

  159. I so could use this as we are building our new house!

  160. I like the screens on the deck for added privacy

  161. I love Loews! I would love to win this card! (It would also make a good Father’s Day gift)

  162. I would like to do some yard updating – I really like the window boxes

  163. We are doing a little fix up and I am replacing all the light fixtures!

  164. Shirley Lupton Reply

    Lowe’s is my happy shopping place, I was there today. I could really go to town with $100. Thanks for the giveaway.

  165. I’d love to make the water feature!

  166. angelina in AZ Reply

    It’s great to see the curb appeal in a new build home, gives me some ideas.

  167. I’d love to give the Water Feature project a try!

  168. i love the Child’s Kitchen Play Set

  169. The changes look really nice.

  170. I would try the wire trellis project. It is so cool looking and I have a honeysuckle plant that is out of control and needs something cool like that to climb on.

  171. House looks great! Love adding pops of color with plants :)

  172. I would love to try the ladder shelf. This would be a great storage idea for in the home, as well as a cute addition to a porch or deck to use for flower pots, etc.

  173. I really liked the Inspiration Boards in the Specialty Rooms section.

  174. I love the trellis towers!

  175. I would love to make that water feature for my deck. I would paint your door with a nice pop of color. I am loving orange right now, but a bright blue or red would also be nice.

  176. I love the DIY China Hutch on the site-but I really need to redo my mailbox!

  177. I would like to paint our front porch and add some flowers.

  178. I’d love more perinnials to plant outside.

  179. I want to tackle the ladder shelf.

  180. I can think of many things to do with the house with that money!:)

  181. Christi Fiedler Reply

    I love the outdoor water feature I would love to make one of those!

  182. I’d love to tackle a Child’s Kitchen Play Set

  183. I like the trellis towers. Love th red flowers to add a POP OF COLOR.

  184. I really need curb appeal – think I would start with some planters filled with flowers and a couple of bushes.

  185. The house looks great! So funny I have been reading your blog for sometime now and didn’t know that you too lived in Arizona. I agree with you about the houses in Arizona looking ugly. he he I enjoy reading your blog keep up the great work. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  186. I’d like to try the corner bench seat (, for my kids rooms. I’d make it like a reading nook for them.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  187. I would make window boxes for my new garden shed!

  188. I have been wanting to do a window box.

  189. I would like to try the wooden doormat cause I think that it is cute and love the colors

  190. Wilai Charpentier Reply

    Love all the summer project for kids. Tent is cool, would be fun for my boys and keep them shed outside a bit. Thanks

  191. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ladder shelf and their plans for one look great!

  192. I’d like to try the Dropcloth Necklace or bag. So interesting! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  193. the tutorial on cleaning and treating a wood deck is exactly the first project i would do if i won

  194. Love it! I’d do an apple green or a bright orange door–something bright that would really pop since the door is set back further!

  195. I’d like to try the wooden doormat and the hypertufa pots.

  196. I love the project of the wooden floor mat painted multi-colors. I NEED one!

  197. Nursery time! So we need paint and odds and ends to help with some DIY projects to pull it together :-)

  198. I would like to Plan a Deck Update. We can’t get grass to grow in the back yard because of too many trees. I might extend our deck area.

  199. Lindsey Wilson Reply

    LOVE the ladder shelf project

  200. I’d like to make the night lights and learn how to use a circular saw!

  201. Wendy/books4me Reply

    oooh…we are getting ready to redo our kitchen so thevideo to Install Cabinet Organizers is GREAT!

  202. We are currently in the midst of a deck makeover (hard, hard back-breaking work). I just might make that cute tiki torch planter!

  203. That ladder shelf would be great to help organize my scrapbook stuff!

  204. I would like to do the kid’s room closet organizer! Among everything else!

  205. Stephanie Pyrah Reply

    We have TONS of outside work today – stain the deck, re-roof the house, paint the house, finish the landscaping, garden boxes and more!

  206. I’d love to do some window boxes.

  207. I want to redo my kitchen floors and put in a new sink!! Thanks Jaimelyn!

  208. Love the Flower box project!

  209. I would like to make Hypertufa pots

  210. I’d love to build my daughter that lemonade stand!

  211. I always find such good ideas on your site! Thanks for putting everything in one place!

  212. I love the DIY water feature. That would be so cute for the patio!

  213. I LOVE the wire trellis towers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. My yard can use a serious update!! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  215. Our house in Snowflake had a RED front door and I loved it!

  216. I’d love to get some big flower pots and fill them with colorful flowers for the front of our house and have the outside of the house painted!

  217. Wow, looking great!

  218. Karen Tecklenburg Reply

    I would like to use some of the out door ideas from the deck expansion.

  219. I’d love to build a few of those vertical gardens!

  220. I loved the pots made out of concrete plaster!

  221. I get Lowe’s Creative Ideas in the mail and I’m always ripping pages out and putting them in a folder. I especially enjoy the gardening ideas!

  222. The ladder shelve looks pretty cool!!

  223. I’d like to try the Outdoor water feature.

  224. I’d love to try the Faux Stone Planters!

  225. I’d really like to do the DIY Window Box Project on

  226. We need gates to enclose our ac units from the kids.

  227. We sure could use some exterior plants in our flower boxes and a new porch mat! Thanks for the great giveaway!:)

  228. 1 Kitchen Island, 3 Ways

    This kitchen island adds valuable work space, smart storage, and sleek style.
    One Kitchen Two Makeovers And I think I would paint your front door red.

  229. My boys would love the drop cloth tent. So much fun!

  230. I really like the look of the window box and I could use one right outside my kitchen window!

  231. Jessica Donaldson Reply

    I would do the outdoor water feature! :)

  232. Jessica Donaldson Reply

    What is the name of the outdoor lights did you choose? I like them!

  233. I would love to make the cute bench. A gift card would go a long way for us as we are moving this summer into a new house and have a lot of little things to do around the house and property. So looking forward to the projects!!

  234. Looks great! I love the shutters and the punch of color with the flowers

  235. Definitely an improvement! As far as the door goes, I’m not sure what color you should do, but I would say something darker than the stucco color. Whatever you decide I would also paint the garage door. I think it would add a little more interest and balance out that dark front window.

  236. The raised beds are adorable

  237. A Water Feature project would be great to do this summer.

  238. I love the shutters! would love to do a project with them for our apartment sometime =D

  239. I used to live in AZ! I love what you did to make your home stand out!

  240. The ladder shelf.

  241. We have been looking for something to do with our kitchen backsplash. We should try the Faux Hand-Painted Tile Backsplash. :)

  242. I would love to work on my deck!!! Right now it is just a small little concrete slab :(

  243. Felicia Woodward Reply

    Love the new curb appeal! I live in Phoenix and agree how the houses are so much alike – nice way to make yours stand out!

  244. I love the ladder shelf. There are some gardening ideas I love as well.

  245. I’m loving the drop cloth tent. So cute!

    Your curb appeal definitely was amped up! Looking good!

  246. Krista van Langen Reply

    I love, love the Ultimate Craft Room on the site. I’d love to try a couple of those projects!

  247. I would love to build the window boxes… they would look so cute in front of my house!

  248. I want to make the corner seat for my upstairs loft.

  249. Would love to try the color block wall art.

  250. debbie jackson Reply

    the DIY

  251. I love the ladder shelf!

  252. Those build it yourself tents are awesome

  253. We just finished our front yard and now our backyard needs a little tlc. Some potted plants would definitely help perk it up!

  254. We are closing on a house in Gilbert this week! A $100 gift card to Lowe’s would be AWESOME! your house looks great!

  255. I’d start with a small part of our kitchen makeover – just buying our first home, which needs some make-up work!

  256. Mary Happymommy Reply

    I’d love to do the water feature project.

  257. Laura Jacobson Reply

    I would love to do the Color Block Wall Art!

  258. Heather K Miller Reply

    I feel the same about AZ houses! They are just ugly! But yours looks great with the remodel! You have inspired me to do something with our ugly, stucco, southwestern style, AZ home! Thanks!

  259. DIY Window Box looks good!

  260. I’d love to make the Wire Trellis Towers to have some Clematis growing up them on my patio.

  261. I’d love to make the tiki torch planter!! So fun!

  262. Great giveaway! We are trying to tackle some big projects in our backyard this year and could use this gift card easily!

  263. I would love to make a ladder shelf! Those are pretty cool!

  264. Would love to win a Lowes card.

  265. I would like to try the drop cloth wall art

  266. I would love to try the ladder shelf :)

  267. I’d like to create the DIY Window Box.

  268. I would like to try the Drop tent cloth for my boys


  269. Leann Lindeman Reply

    I like the tiki torch planter.

  270. Love the lawn orbs!

  271. I think we’d love to try the lawn orbs!

  272. Your house looks so great. Little things make BIG differences!

  273. Those Wire Trellis Towers are such a fun idea!

  274. i’d like to try the Wire Trellis Tower.

  275. So many paint possibilities at Lowes. I’d love to spruce up the outside for some curb appeal.

  276. I’d love to try to dropcloth stool and ottoman found on Lowe’s creative Ideas.

  277. This is PERFECT! I’ve been trying to find ideas and inspiration to start working on the curb appeal of my 1950’s Florida beach house. It sounds beautiful – but it needs A LOT of work. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win (and the inspiration to get off my bum)!

  278. Looks like I was too excited to post that I didn’t even see that we had to post something for the copter, too! Sorry for posting twice; but ILOVE that colorful wood placemat project!

  279. I always need more storage ideas so I love the kitchen cart storage project!

  280. I like the ladder shelf or the window box!

    Ahh! I have so much I want to do to our new house…including adding curb appeal! If only money weren’t an issue. Sigh… :)

  281. Now who couldn’t use a little moolah to do a little DIY project around the house. Thanks for for a chance to win.

  282. I love the how just painting the house made it look so much better. We have been our house 10 years today and we need to have our house repainted. I love the lights.

  283. I dunno what project I’d do! I’ve got enough projects of my own floating around in my head. I need to finish my hall bathroom so I’d get the moulding to frame out my lovely builder grade mirror.

  284. I would love to get some wood and finish up my headboard project for my bed using shutters. Then I would get paint and paint my old coffee table that has been sitting in my garage for a year! :)

  285. what a great giveaway! We are moving into a new house in a few weeks!

  286. I would love to fix up a few things with a little help from Lowe’s! Thanks!!

  287. They have lots of cute ideas! I really like the Lawn Orbs

  288. I love it! I painted my shutters black (they were green). It made all the difference in the world! I also have the paint in my garage, all ready to paint my front door red! I just haven’t been able to squeeze the time to do it! I love how fresh your house looks with all the after’s. Great job!

  289. I think I could tackle the “wall-mounted shelf.”

  290. Yup. Looks EXACTLY like my neighborhood. We are going to be putting back some money to make ours look not-so-cracker-boxy. It’s one of the things I really love about the midwest: the homes aren’t ugly, stucco like here in AZ!

  291. Ashley Pedersen Reply

    We just bought our house and sadly the outside is always the last thing on the list and it shouldn’t be. We could totally put the gc to good use! Awesome giveaway!

  292. I think I would like to get some small projects completed. I would love to write our family rules on some lumber, make a bench, make some picture frames from molding. Since we are going from homeowner to renters when we move tomorrow I want to make some home decor we can use AND take with us when we purchase our next home.

  293. I receive Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazines and always get good ideas from the projects they feature. They now have it for iPad which is very handy. I really like the geranium stencils. I could see using them to make some wall art for the porch. Thanks for the great opportunity to win!

  294. I really want to paint our house too! I would love to build a leaning shelf! It would be perfect for my bedroom for all the books I leave lying around to read before bed!

  295. I visited the creative idea’s website and would love to build an outside tent for my son. He has been begging to sleep outside this summer and a fun tent would be great.

  296. I’d love to do the window boxes! I need some serious help in the curb appeal area!

  297. Tents for sure!

  298. Though all of those projects are wonderful ideas and I’m sure once our patio is ready I may take on the hypertufa pots, I would be investing the gift card in to a MUCH bigger project that is; our home office space. My husband and I moved into his grandparents’ adobe home and it needs a lot of work. This gift card would definitely help us out in bringing the house back from disrepair.

    Also, thank you for all of your fantastic ideas and inspirational projects. My “want to try” keeps growing ever larger.

  299. I love the after! You did a great job, and I love that they were all such simple changes! Totally doable!
    If you’re wanting to paint the door, you might think about black. Our house is a similar color to yours and we have a black door. I never would have thought I’d like a black door. (I’ve always loved red doors! That might also look good.) But, I love how much my wreaths stand out against the black door, and I don’t have to worry about the color of the wreath clashing with the color of the door, no matter what season/holiday it is!

  300. I would love to try the window box. What a fun way to add some color and interest to the outside of the house! Also love that when I look out my window, the flowers would be right there to see from inside too!

  301. I would love to do the kitchen island project if I had to ONLY choose one thing ;)

  302. I can think of a dozen projects I’d like to start. This is great inspiration. Thanks!

  303. I am like the least crafty person on earth, but our yard needs major help. What I’d tackle with $100 from Lowes is a garden or landscaping project – maybe mulch around our trees, paint our front door, or something similar.

  304. Goodness how did the giveaway close so fast!?

  305. Really informative blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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