DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons


DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

Happy Fall Everyone! It’s Marie from Blooming Homestead here to share this fun and easy DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with buttons that will add the perfect touch to your fall/Halloween decorating this year! Here are the supplies you’ll need to complete this craft.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons



  • Canvas (I used 16×20)
  • Buttons
  • Glue gun & glue stick
  • Paint- Black and Green
  • Paint sponge brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors & Ruler
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Jute or string
  • Double sided tape, white paint (optional)

The first step to the process is to prepare your canvas…now if you have some fun fabric you can just staple that around the canvas and skip the painting steps…but I wanted a chevron pattern and decided to use the supplies I already had on hand. If you go the painting route, you can use a stencil or go old school and use painters tape. :) I created a criss-cross pattern across the entire canvas with the tape using a ruler to get my spacing just right. I then went through and clipped off tape pieces to create the chevron ‘rows’ pattern.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

This took some time but created a precise chevron pattern for painting on the canvas. Next step was painting. Black paint creates the perfect bold contrast.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

I chose to paint 2 coats to really help with the contrast on the canvas. After it dries fully, carefully peel off the tape and you’ll have an awesome chevron pattern. Next, you’ll be ready to work on your pumpkin. I traced out a pumpkin on the canvas and painted it with white as a background for the buttons. (This step is optional, I just thought it looked better.)

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

At this point I decided to do a trial run of button placement to help me know where I would want them…and also where to paint the green stem of the pumpkin.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

After your stem is painted, its button gluing time! Just use your hot glue gun and carefully glue on the buttons. I find it helps to outline the pumpkin first…then fill it in with various buttons. Get creative!

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

When I finished glueing the buttons down, I decided the canvas needed an extra little something. Enter a super simple DIY pennant banner.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

How to Make a simple DIY Pennant Banner

  1. Fold paper in half.
  2. Cut through the paper in a triangle shape
  3. Open up folded paper to show a diamond shape
  4. Place jute or string in between the fold of the diamond and use double sided tape or glue to secure
  5. Repeat with various papers along the jute for your super cute banner!

I used hot glue to attach the banner across the top of the canvas and there you have it! A super cute new art piece for your home.

DIY Pumpkin Canvas Art with Buttons

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